First UK Non-Political Party

Who Are We?

We are a small group of like-minded people that decided to set up a Party to try and ‘Fix the UK’. Many people moan and complain about governments from the comfort of their living room. Rather than moan we decided to do something about it and set up NONPOLGovernments and Politicians have an impossible job as the economy is impacted by globalisation and factors outside a government control. We currently live in the greatest of all times in human history being the richest we have ever been, both financially and securelyHowever, there are rooms for improvement, and we see these improvements being held back by Wokism and Politics. The system is geared to financially reward politicians and Governments, often in a corrupt manner. NONPOL want to change this We want all other Governments to look at the UK as a best in breed. 

We are a Not-for-profit organisation, which is generally categorized as: 

Mission-driven: Not-for-profit organizations are typically formed to pursue a specific mission or purpose that benefits the public or a particular cause. This could involve areas such as education, healthcare, social services, environmental conservation, or advocacy. 


Non-distribution constraint: Unlike for-profit organizations, not-for-profits are prohibited from distributing profits or surpluses to individuals or shareholders. Instead, any financial surplus generated is reinvested into the organization’s mission or used to further its charitable objectives. 


Governance: Not-for-profits have a governing board or a similar structure responsible for overseeing the organization’s operations and ensuring adherence to its mission. The board is typically composed of volunteers or individuals with relevant expertise and may have legal and fiduciary responsibilities. 


Funding: Not-for-profit organizations rely on various sources of funding, including donations, grants, sponsorships, fundraising events, membership fees, and government funding. These financial resources are used to sustain the organization’s activities and programs. 


Tax-exempt status: Many not-for-profit organizations are granted tax-exempt status by the government, meaning they are exempt from certain taxes. This status is usually contingent upon the organization’s adherence to specific regulations and requirements, such as using the majority of their resources for charitable purposes and not engaging in excessive lobbying or political activities. 


Stakeholder focus: Not-for-profits prioritize serving the interests and needs of their stakeholders, which can include beneficiaries, clients, members, volunteers, or the general public. Their primary goal is to create positive social impact or advance a particular cause, rather than maximizing financial profits. 


Transparency and accountability: Not-for-profits are expected to maintain transparency in their operations, including financial reporting, governance practices, and program outcomes. They are often subject to regulatory oversight, and in some cases, they may be required to file annual reports or disclose certain information to the public. 


We intend to follow these principles and any funds we receive will purely pay the cost of running and promoting NONPOL and any campaigns to get our candidates elected. There will be no inflated salaries for the employees of NONPOL.  Any surplus funds will be re-invested into our mission and expanding the Party. 


We are looking for members, candidates in the next elections, and volunteers to get the word out. You can make a quick donation here or become a member here. All members, after 6 months, will receive copies of our Constitution, Finance Plan, access to our accounts and other non-public documents, as well as a chance to provide ideas and be part of the team that review our policies.