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Charities (Video Script)

We would instantly ban the emotionally blackmailing adverts on televisions that are aimed at the vulnerable members of the public. We would also enforce a law that states that nobody working for a charity can receive more than £25,000 income per year. We would also setup a charity commission that people can contribute to and receive instant tax relief. All monies paid to the commission would go into a fund where charities could request support from. The fund would buy equipment and materials rather than give cash awards. For example, if Cancer Research needed a new research facility, the charities commission would get the facility commissioned. We would ensure that the needs of the worthy charities would get what they needed. The commission would also audit all registered charities to ensure that public donations are being used appropriately. We would also publish every charity on a name and shame website that shows all the wages paid by the charity and who receives the money, as well as a list of all the charities assets.

Reference 1 – Emotive marketing: too close to emotional blackmail?

Reference 2 – Charity sector salary guide