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PC Culture

Political Correctness in Sport

Political Correctness in Sport (Video Script)

From the Black Panthers at the 1968 Olympics to taking the knee today in football and individual sportspeople wearing rainbow ribbons or Ukrainian colours; minority groups are using the sporting arena to ply their cause. Why are these minorities allowed to do this? Next cause on a football shirt could be saving the polar bears or getting clean water to African children. Every cause believes there is important. Can you imagine if ever cause was afforded this opportunity? Should a far-right party, like the national front, or a fascist party be allowed to ply their cause at a sporting event? Why are there no ribbons for the Palestinians, the Uyghurs or even the vegans?

 Can you imagine at the start of every premiership game, 30 minutes was taken up while each cause was able to make their political statement? If every cause was afforded the opportunity to use sport to make their political or minority statement, the spectators would stop going, sponsors would pull out and professional sports could die. Some minorities like the Black Lives Matters and the LBGTplus movements have weaponise their causes to the extent that nobody is allowed an opinion unless it is the same as theirs. Sport is being forced to comply because they can’t be seen to stand up against these causes. NONPOL is not saying these causes are bad, the problem is that there are too many valid causes in the world, and they seem to be growing. With the Internet and social media, the is no longer a problemgetting exposure to a clause on a global basis. Sport should not be abused or held to ransom because of its popularity. Do we want a loaf of bread to have 30 political statements on its wrapping because bread is popular?

There is also a human rights issue here. Footballers that refused to take the knee were ostracised and received death threats. A footballer that was cruel to a cat had his reputation and career affected. Sports people should have the right to be neutral or protected from any or all causes, even not wearing a poppy in October if they did not want to. It abuses the basic human rights of the sportsperson to force them to comply with a political clause, minority cause or radical movement. They should be free to be neutral like everybody else that goes to work each day.

Woke has created political correctness madness. There are laws outside of sports that protect people’s actions, such as racism or animal cruelty. If we are not brave enough to stop it in sport now, the disease of political correctness will infect everything in society that becomes popular. Can you imagine one day that it is banned to wear red because it can be attributed to you supporting communism? NONPOL wants to ban any political statements in all sports played in the UK. We want to stop the madness of political correctness in sport and to rely on sensible laws to protect the human rights of individuals, such as with our proposed People’s Constitution. We want to protect against all forms of prejudice, not just colour, creed, gender and culture, but in society as a whole, not in the sporting arena. Who is protecting the forgotten fat middle-aged white atheist male minority, that is continually under attack because of his identity and success?

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