First UK Non-Political Party


NONPOL believe the media provide a valuable service to us all. We believe in critical, accurate and fair reporting where every view should have a platform, not just a one-sided narrative. All journalists should be able to withstand integrity and challenge and report both sides of the argument. We also expect journalists to do appropriate research and ensure they report accurate facts that they can justify and support. They also need to comply strictly with Data Protection Laws.  

NONPOL are totally against ‘Cancel Culture’ and believe Wokism needs to be re-framed to allow calm rational discussion from both sides of the argument, even if you don’t agree with it. Musk has said on ‘X’ we should be allowed to hear the people we disagree with; a sentiment that NONPOL follow.  We are also against ‘Politician bashing’ either in Prime Ministers Question time or in the media and as such NONPOL will not disparage or discuss other politically parties.  

NONPOL party officers will not entertain any personal questions from the press, for the following reasons:

                1. It never stops with one personal question.

                2. The personal questions create too much noise and distracts from the parties objectives.

                3. The media unfairly bash people to sell newspapers, politicians in particular, and we will not feed this                             press frenzy.

                4. People come and go, but the NONPOL manifesto will always remain. The Party is more important than                       the individuals. 

      5. Politicians have the same privacy rights (Article 94: Data Protection Act 2018 and Article 8: Human                              Rights Act 1998) as any other individual. NONPOL will fully support our members and candidates                                privacy rights.

      6.  We are advocates for free speech and will fight for this right.  Free speech allows you to say what you                         want, within the law, but also the right to remain silent or indifferent.

     7. Our Officers, where they decide to, should refrain from giving personal opinions as they tend to be                                 recorded on record and could be used by the media against them in the future, even when they have                           changed their mind or opinion.  We all change our minds or make mistakes and should not be penalised                     for this.

We will protect all our officer’s privacy, so do not ask any personal questions of them or their family. If the media print any data without consent or get data incorrect, we will not hesitate to litigate.

NONPOL believe there needs to be better controls over the media. NONPOL will promote the following ideas to help make the press better and fairer to all, as follows:

1. All journalists will require a license and bad journalists could be fined or lose license to operate. Operating without a license should be a criminal offence.

2. Paparazzi will also require licenses and can have their equipment confiscated if they operate without one.

3. No one can place a photographic lens or microphone, including smart devices, within 15 feet of an individual without prior consent. Breach of this will be considered as harassment to a person and they can use the same methods as can be used in self defense, namely, to remove/destroy offending equipment or use reasonable force personally, or by an agent, to enforce this rule, in order to protect against the invasion of their privacy.

4. Trespassing on private property to take photos, regardless of the range to the subject, will result in loss of license and become a criminal offence.

5. Drones will follow the same rules as though the drone is an individual.

6. NONPOL would make it an offence for anyone, especially the press, from taking external pictures, such as through a window, of a person within their home, without prior consent.

7. All images and ‘copy’ of individuals used or generated by the press must be supported with the disclosure of the actual source, similar to the requirements required by Getty Images.

Equally will praise and support good and fair journalism. NONPOL want to stop bad, illegal and salacious journalism and promote good journalism.