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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility (Video Script)

A responsible person does not need to be told how they should behave socially and how to respect their neighbours and other people in society. Unfortunately, a lot of people today choose not to be responsible or respect their environment or society. Many people are either idiots, lazy, don’t care or just try to abuse the system by doing the following: 

  1. Litter public areas, including disposing of cigarette buds or chewing gum. This is particularly bad near fast food outlets or with fast food packaging. The covid pandemic has now led to a new litter offence of discarded masks.  
  2. Do not clean up after their pets fouling public areas. This includes horse manure on the highway. 
  3. Illegal parking particularly in disabled parking places or on double yellow lines because they are too lazy to find a parking place and then walk to the shop.  
  4. Play music at unacceptable levels, late at night or in their cars.  This includes loud tinny headphones on the tube. 
  5. Have very loud exhausts and drive at night in built up areas to satisfy their egos. 
  6. Bad driving, such as overtaking on the inside on motorways or hogging the middle lane when the inside is free. 
  7. Fly tipping is a very expensive crime that the taxpayer has footed the bill for years. 
  8. Swearing loudly in public when there are children about and then acting aggressively when somebody challenges them.  
  9. Cycle at night without lights. Besides being illegal this is a danger to pedestrians and drivers. See more on our proposed control on cyclists under our roads and transportation policy. 

There are many more ways people are unsociable and in many of these cases there are laws to fine these offences. Unfortunately, because the fines are not often enforced people carry on being unsociable. NONPOL will change this with a new social charter. All social offences will be fine more heavily and people besides fines will receive points, similar to a driving license. People with points will have a high tax code until they have 3 years without any more points. People with no points will receive a reduction in their annual tax code. Good people should be rewarded, and bad people penalised. Persistent offenders would lose other benefits, such as a mobile phone. A new set of inspectors, like traffic wardens, but not uniformed, would apprehend anyone committing a social offence and fine them on the spot.  Other people can text a hotline where they see social offences being committed and should this result in a fine the person reporting would receive a percentage of the fine; like a bounty from the old days.  All the new fines and income from tax code increases would pay for this new army of inspectors. Our children have a right to grow up into a safe, clean and considerate environment.  

Reference 1 – 102 Million Disposable Facemasks Thrown Away in the UK Each Week Would Cover Wembley Pitch 232 Times Over

Reference 2 – Litter & the law

Reference 3 – Vehicle nuisance involving cars, bikes and mopeds