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Individual Equality

Individual Equality

Individual Equality (Video Script)

We understand that not everybody is equal, regardless of what Woke will tell you. We live in a world of reality not wishful thinking. If you are under five foot high, you can’t become a basketball player, like it or not. A child born in a mud hut in Africa does not have the same opportunities in life as a child born in a penthouse in New York, be that fair or not fair. A sixty-five-year-old will never play football for England, even if he is a good footballer. Equality of outcome must be based on ability and competition, not fairness; otherwise, we would prejudice the most talented. A country and societies success are based on its top talent. 

The Woke mantra of ‘You can be anything you want’ is naïve and unrealistic and has put huge pressures on the current generation, especially young woman, who now have the highest level of mental health issues ever recorded. NONPOL’s mantra is ‘Be the best YOU can be’. We believe in equal rights for everybody but NOT equal outcome. Everybody should have the opportunity to be their best. We do not believe in quotas of any form. The best person for the job should not lose out because of a quota. This dilutes our economic and social potential. The best person should always get the job anything else is discrimination against ability.   

It would be impossible to make it law to say that every basketball team must be 50% white or that the 100 metres race has to have 50% white runners, or that 30% of every premiership team must be gay or that 50% of primary school teachers have to be male or that 50% of nurses have to be male. An employer should have the choice to choose the best person for the job, no matter what gender, race, religion or background; opportunity of outcome should be based on ability and commitment.   

Would you like to have life saving surgery by a surgeon who got the job because of a quota and not their skill? Would you like your family to be protected by a military who can’t shoot straight but meets its quota? Do you want to listen to substandard music because the best artist lost out due to a quota or a comment like, ‘it’s not fair, she has a great voice which does not give others a chance?’ Should we never get a gold in the Olympics because our athlete selections are based on quotas? This is not a society that NONPOL wants to promote. That substandard surgeon, basketball player, singer, schoolteacher, athlete could be the best in something else if they only learnt the mantra ‘Be the best you can be’. 

We live in a tough world where other countries and economies have hard core beliefs and want to control everybody. These regimes are not troubled by political correctness or Wokism and in time the soft underbelly of the Woke ridden Western world could be its downfall.  Economies of the world are not run on fairness or on sensitivities, they are run on efficiency and acumen. At NONPOL we believe everybody should have equal opportunity, but people need to understand their limitations and potential, be the outcome fair or not.

Reference 1 – Understanding equality