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Freedom of speech

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech (Video Transcript)

The first amendment in America guarantees freedom of expression. Why can such a young country full of foreigners have such a fundamental right when the UK doesn’t? NONPOL will introduce a British Constitution with similar amendments, the first also being the freedom to express. We believe in the freedom of speech and NONPOL is totally against cancel culture. If somebody doesn’t like something they have a right to say it without fear of reprisal. We all have ideologies that we follow, are interested in or outright dislike and we should all be proud of expressing our likes and dislikes. Black Lives Matters, Islam and LGBT+ have made it very difficult to have an opposing position to their ideology.

They have effectively weaponised their cause to the extent that anyone challenging it lives in fear of death or the ending of their career. No ideology should have that power. NONPOL also believe freedom of expression should be reasonable and balanced not incite violence or hate. We should be able to have a civilised discussion on any subject without one side getting violent or silencing people who oppose their views. NONPOL would introduce strong laws and controls against anyone who retaliates against people’s freedom of expression. It is known that our political or economic enemies, such as Russia and China, use social media to create unrest in our society because they know that Woke ideals and Cancel Culture is gaining momentum against freedom of speech. NONPOL will create a fact portal that states scientific or empirical data to provide true data, regardless of its impact on any ideology; this way external influences can be challenged by facts. This truth portal would not have any influence from any sponsors or organisations with agendas. We want to give people the chance to see both sides of every argument and have the facts from both sides so that they can be informed. A free thinking and tolerant society is a healthy and evolving society.

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