First UK Non-Political Party


You can become a Public Member of the NONPOL party, see below, but if you just want to be kept up to date with our events or news, sign up HERE

You can also join our Public Whatsapp group for instant updates – HERE

Staff, Officers & Candidates for the NONPOL Party

We are currently seeking new party members for NONPOL. Party membership is free, however it requires interviews and various additional procedures to ensure you’re the right fit for our party. As laid out in our manifesto, the procedures are:

  • Various background checks as well as CV and work verification
  • Interview regarding political aspirations, leading to a shortlist of candidates
  • Day at party HQ to walk through draft manifesto and to determine commitment, support and enthusiasm for the party’s overall aims
  • Presentation given by candidate detailing why they should be chosen to represent the Party and what they can contribute
  • Review from Party Board, consisting of 3 or more members, to determine final decision

The roles we are searching for include, but are not limited to:

  • Candidates for MP’s
  • Funding Manager
  • Members of campaign team
  • Marketing personnel
  • Public relations correspondents
  • Press Officer
  • Legal Counsel
Upon acceptance for party/private membership, you will be given access (for free) to the Public Membership areas on our website via site admin. 

Public Membership

The best way to support NONPOL and help finance our campaign to gain seats in the UK Parliament is to become a Public Member. It costs £10 per month, less than the cost of a coffee per week. We rely on donations and membership fees to survive. We believe NONPOL has some very exciting times ahead and need your support to help us get there. What will you get for your membership?

  1. Free T-shirt and Bumper Sticker
  2. Invited to private zoom session when we want to share and discuss new ideas with you.
  3. A chance for direct feedback on everything we do.
  4. A chance to stand by us and support us at our rallies and presentations.
  5. A chance to support campaigns in your constituency for the NONPOL candidate.
  6. You will receive first draft of our videos and materials before we publish them, to give feedback and ideas.
  7. After 6 months you will receive a copy of our Constitution, Finance Plan and Annual Accounts.
  8. You will be consulted for all our campaign and marketing ideas.
  9. Access to documents not available to the public
  10. As must transparency as we can give you.

When you join you will get a members account and be able to log into the members area directly. By joining NONPOL you agree that all material supplied to you as a Public Member is not shared with any 3rd Party, particularly the Media. As a new and unusual party, we expect backlash and attacks from those who will try to bring us down. With your cooperation, integrity and support we can raise above all the toxic media and Bollotics.

Your membership fees will be processed by our Payment Process Provider  – RE-TAIL Online Services

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