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Rapid Response Team

Rapid Response Team

Rapid Response Team (Video Script)

There are many events that could cause total chaos or disruption to day-to-day living. The corona virus has recently demonstrated this. As a country we were not prepared for this. Furthermore, many of the communications to the public are hugely influenced by politics or large lobbies, such as big pharma. There will always be some industries that profit from chaos and disaster and a group of people who will be put under intense and unfair pressure. The UK is currently not prepared for many scenarios, such as a Tsunami, Hurricane, major forest fire, intense flooding, meteorite strike, civil unrest, a pole flip, mass Internet failure, mass ATM failure, foreign hostility, another pandemic, major aircraft crash into city, public alien landing, nuclear meltdown, terrorist attack and other disasters that we haven’t even thought about yet.  

To support the British citizens and to ensure a disaster or significant event has limited effect on the public, NONPOL will set up a Rapid Response team that will be prepared for instant response once a potential disaster scenario has been identified. Besides being able to respond to major events the team will also try to identify risks in advance and react early to reduce impact of the event. This non-political Rapid Response team will have specific training and infrastructure, such as use of system such as Starlink, to ensure they have the skills and tools to support them during significant events. This team will also identify potential risks and prepare for them accordingly, such as testing their Incident Response Plans. The team will also be in charge of the recover process after a major incident.  

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