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Political Correctness

Political Correctness

Political Correctness (Video Script)

There is a difference between Social Responsibility and Political correctness.  Radical and minority groups have been using the flag of political correctness for too long and society is now in fear of being honest. Even media have to watch every word they print in fear of repercussions from small but very vocal and often powerful groups. People were unable to question Covid vaccinations, challenge facts around black lives matter and not allowed to openly support Donald Trump. This is not how a democratic and free society works and if we don’t act soon our society will be crippled by the disease of Political Correctness. We should have laws to protect us against radical and vicious groups, which don’t always have to be terrorists. We will set out more of what we believe a person’s fundamental rights should be under our section on the British Constitution, however the three key principles are: 

  1. To be protected against any form of physical violence.
  2.  To have full freedom of speech where such speech does not break the law. 
  3. To have the freedom to have an opinion and freedom to dislike a person, group or organisation, without fear of violence against them. 

NONPOL believes in tolerance of individuals choices and the individuals’ right to have an opinion without the fear of physical abuse. As long as individual complies with UK law they should be able to live a life of freedom and free speech. NONPOL want to abolish the idea of political correctness and use common law and the British constitution to protect the individual.  Many laws are currently in place that provide this protection, but where there are gaps NONPOL would introduce new laws to fill the gaps. We would also introduce a law that defines Political Correctness as a form of coercion and together with emotional blackmail, would become a social crime.  It is critical that every individual has a right to an opinion, be it good or bad, as well as a right to being an idiot. Bad opinions and idiots are all matter of opinion. 

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