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Why Net Zero is stupid (Video Transcript)

Why Net Zero is stupid.

As Michael Crichton has said – Environmentalism is the new religion in the western youth of today, as they have no interest in Christianity and their new god is social media. It is the power of Social media and the likes of Greta Thunberg that have ignited and mobilized the young environmental fanatics in such a fashion that it is impossible to have a debate of Climate change. Like religion, there is nothing you can say to them that will change their mind. It is impossible to change the current dominant narrative of ‘we must save the planet’, no matter what evidence or scientists you have on either side of the arguments. Well the planet does not need saving, it is the human race that needs saving. NONPOL will not take a side on the environmentalist debate as it is a waste of energy, pun intended. However we will take a stand on the UK Net Zero policy that is totally ridiculous. And this is why. The UK contributes 1 to 2% greenhouse gases to global climate change. As Prince Charles said at COP26 we need to invest trillions not billions to combat climate change and the rest of COP 26 wants every country to double the budgets on climate spend While China contributes 25 to 30% , the USA 13 to 15% and India 6 to 7%, the UK impact is insignificant. This means we are spending billions to try to get to net zero and if we did it would have zero effect. It would be like throwing a glass of water over a house on fire. The UK has no chance of stopping climate change but every chance of destroying the economy on this ridiculous environmentalist crusade. While China have recently commission numerous coal fired power stations they have no intention on reaching anywhere near net zero in decades, but are happy to watch the rest of the western world tank their economies on the stupid net zero woke mission. When will the western world wake up to the fact that once we have wasted trillions on climate change and disseminated our economies, the Chinese will be come the global economic power, if they are not already. What makes this totally laughable is that nobody, not even the environmental fanatics, can guarantee we can stop climate change. If we are not already past the tipping point, then we are very near to it and China has the momentum to take us there. However NONPOL does have a solution that is a ‘no lose’ situation for the UK. Check out the rest of our climate change videos to find out how NONPOL can save the UK from Climate change.


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