First UK Non-Political Party


Below are 3 methods of donating to NONPOL. By law, we are obligated to record your full name, address and registered business number (if you are a company) upon the donation of any amount exceeding £500 and ensure public availability of this information on any transaction above £7,500 in our Quarterly Return. To further understand policies regarding donations to political parties, please check the Electoral Commission’s ‘Overview of Donations To Political Parties‘.

Please note that if you make multiple contributions of under £500 that exceeds the amount of £1,500 in the same calendar year, we must include this in the Quarterly Return and therefore need to have your personal information. 

It is also to be taken into consideration that there will be no lobbying interest or leverage over the party by donors, no matter the sum of your donation. Our interest cannot be bought or influenced. 

The buttons below provide a method to make payments via Credit or Debit card. If you wish to make a direct Transfer please send an email to and we will provide you with our bank account details.