First UK Non-Political Party


We are not a Party that has a single or selective causes, we want to fix everything wrong in Britain. For this we have an extensive manifesto that covers more than most other political parties. Our manifesto is based on fact, reality and common sense, not political correctness, woke or minority pressures; it is for the whole of Britain.

We understand that most people will not have the time or inclination to read a long and detailed manifesto document. We have therefore made a short video for each area, to capture the high-level ideas, in simple terms, of our manifesto. Anyone who becomes a party member will have access to the very detailed manifesto and be encouraged to provide feedback and ideas. We want our members to have a voice, where that voice benefits the UK.

Our Manifesto is radical in some areas and has ideas never seen before; we believe Politics needs to change radically and there needs to be long term plans to fix Britain.

Our manifesto will introduce, optimise, refresh or renew the following:




British Culture