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UK Space Agency

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UK Space Agency

UK Space Agency (Video Script)

NONPOL would revitalize the UK Space agency to incentivise and encourage relationships with large corporates, such as SpaceX, to develop a long-term and active UK space programme. Britain has world renowned engineers, cosmologists, physicist, aerodynamic specialists, and technology pioneers that have the brain power and innovations for the UK to be a leading nation in space. Many of the global space programmes currently use UK engineering and technical skills, but we are only a part player rather than a space-race leader.It is embarrassing that our space programme is so poor, especially when poorer nations like India are much more advanced. The UK Space budget is less than 500 million pounds, whereas the Indian budget is 1.4 billion pounds. Space travel is not cheap, however a healthy space programme inspires a nation, provides more career opportunities and ensures that we don’t get left behind on new markets, such as asteroid mining. 

The UK needs the equivalent of an Elon Musk so that we can break boundaries and bypass bureaucracy. Unlike companies such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing we have no historic hardware investments or diverse and complex supply chains, the UK Space Agency can start with a new slate and build for the future and not for the present, in the same way SpaceX has done. One additional market that NONPOL would assign to this agency as part of generating capital, it to start building flying cars such as the Jetson one. All the technology used for space can be also used for developing flying cars. Furthermore, flying cars will need space ports around the UK to land at. These car ports can become tourist and entertainment attractions for people to see flying cars and get flying car lessons. The UK Space agency would become a leader in this field of future travel and setting up space ports Like all the NONPOL initiatives, the goal is to make the UK Space Agency a revenue stream, like SpaceX.  

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