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Stop WW3 (Video Transcript)

We need to stop the Western World’s Military Industrial Complex before it forces us into World War 3 which will inevitably result in nuclear war and the death of billions of innocent people, except of course the elite who will have the means to hide and survive. All wars, especially the current ones in Iseral and Ukraine, kill hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, particularly children who are our future. These wars are prolonged by the Military Industrial Complex for money and power, and they don’t give a shit about the national, economic and cultural consequences or the lives of our young men and children.

In 1991 the US, as usual on behalf of the rest of the western world, agreed with Gorbachev to the dismantling of the Soviet Union on the condition that NATO would not move any closer to Russia Well not only did the US renege on this agreement, but they also put their fingers up to Russia and added 15 more countries into NATO, all moving the NATO line closer to Russia; literally poking a big grizzly bear with a stick In 2008 at the Bucharest Summit started the first serious discussions of Ukraine to joining NATO How then were we surprised when Putin Annexed the Crimea? He was provoked in the same way the US were provoked with Russian Missiles in Cuba. However, as history it is often written by the victors and stories get lost in translation or morph over time there are counter arguments for some of what we have just said, so to be balanced and fair some credence should be given to the article by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, listed below in the references. Unfortunately, neither side will ever completely agree on the facts of history due to the secrecy of national security, but regardless of the historic truth our current situation is a fact as we all live and breathe it today.

There is clear evidence through the Minsk 2 accord that the war in Ukraine could have been prevented when the Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, France and Russia had reached an agreement to prevent war. This was all but sign until Boris Johnson intervened, guided by the Biden administration and the Military Industrial Complex, to strong arm Zelenski into not signing the accord which ultimately and predictable lead to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The part of the story this is left untold and little known to the man on the street, is that every time a nation joins NATO their arms and artillery must meet, under written contract, NATO’s munitions specifications, which means they must buy the ammunitions and artillery from the American Military Industrial Complex.The American Military Complex is now under too much stress and cannot manufacture munitions quick enough to send to the Ukraine and have to send weapons from the US munitions reserve, so much so that now they do not have enough to protect themselves. Besides meaning the Military Industrial Complex now has to expand hugely, which will lead to more wars; but ironically in the American’s strategy to fight Russia by Proxy through Ukraine, effectively Russia have indirectly fought the US by proxy through the Ukraine and effectively weaken the US through their own Military Industrial Complex. 

The only weapons the US have not run out of are nuclear weapons. They are too far away to be a serious threat to Moscow so need to move their nuclear weapons into NATO. The rumour mill has already started of US moving nuclear weapons to Lakenheath in Suffolk, which would make the UK the biggest nuclear target outside of Russia. Even if we stopped the US from parking their thousands of nuclear warheads here, the UK already has 225 nuclear warheads of its own, thereby putting millions of UK lives at risk. It is likely there will be another Greenham Common type stand-off if we are strong enough to reunited again, however the US will find places within NATO for thousands of their nukes that will trigger nuclear engagement with Russia.

The extra $60 billion requested in the US congress at the moment would primarily be used for the US to resize their Military Industrial Complex to feed Ukraine. Fortunately, the bill is up against a lot of resistance especially as it is being linked to the southern US border as well as the Ukraine border. But while they quibble the US is vulnerable, which is a perfect time for China to invade Taiwan, knowing the rest of the world, basically the American driven NATO, would not be in a position to do anything with all focus and efforts on Ukraine and Israel and their depleted Military Industrial complex. Russia would obviously support China on this as the NATO sanctions have pushed Russia and China together. With Chine now having over 500 nuclear warheads, which is growing by the month, nuclear war between NATO and the China-Russia pact grows closer every day. 

The US and its Military Industrial Complex, has no other choice than fight the Russia and China pact through the proxy of NATO, why do you think they contribute so much to NATO, namely 16%, the exact same amount as Germany? Without doubt the US Military Industrial Complex is tipping us towards World War 3 and probably nuclear war, within the next 5 years. Love or Hate Trump he is one of the few people who could defuse the Ukraine war and the Russian China pact. But that is difficult to do from behind bars.

Don’t think for a minute we need to get rid of Putin as what follows him could be much more extreme. Tucker Carlson demonstrated Putin is a very clever man, cleverer than most of our western leaders, but supposedly it is Putin that wants a dialogue with the west – it is the US, driven by the Military Industrial Complex, that is refusing the dialogue.

It is highly unlikely we in the UK can beat the global Military Industrial Complex. Although never underestimate the power of one person, when the world is watching. Remember ‘Tank Man’ in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square armed only with a plastic bag? Events like that are rare and too risky.
For its own survival the UK needs to pull out of NATO, cool its military relationship with the US and become independent like Switzerland. As an isle we have the unique opportunity to protect our borders by increasing our navy footprint; we were at one time the world’s best shipbuilders. 

We would of course keep all economic and diplomatic ties with America, just avoid the military collateral damage.
On a point closer to everybody’s heart, besides the Military Industrial Complex determining the fate of NATO, the UK and probably the world, is the fact that the Military Industrial Complex has the largest carbon footprint on the planet and want to deflect this by blaming the motorist and industry. NONPOL, besides pulling out of NATO, stop hammering the motorist, remove ULEZ and 20 mph zones, remove American troops or bases from the UK, and build our own strong UK military, would join the likes of Switzerland and declare neutrality. We would also form a global peace alliance to make more countries neutral and reject the Military Industrial Complex.
NONPOL suggest, like Brexit, we have a referendum to decide our countries military future as this is the only way we can ever stop the death of millions of innocent UK people. The UK needs to begin a global campaign to start dismantling the Military Industrial complex, as we can’t do it on own. We need to forget about climate change and net zero as nuclear war will make these questions mute. We need the time, energy and money that we put climate change into a plan for the UK to survive the next war-torn decade. Vote NONPOL, the only party to recognise the signs and do something about it.


This is a long video but it is so important and cover a complex set of events that has put us here today – on the brink of world war 3. NONPOL does only identify the threats to the UK, it also provides credible and sensible solution. Please send your support or feedback so that we can get this message to every UK citizen. This should be the only political fight in the Commons at the moment.