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International Aid (Video Transcript)

The UK spends billions each year in supporting other countries. We also spend billions on taking refugees from war torn or economical deprived areas. For example, with the Ukraine war we sent millions of pounds worth of military hardware and ammunition. We also took a lot of refugees, again at a cost. In Afghanistan we took more refugees after the Americans pulled out, all at our cost. We are much too generous with our taxpayer’s money. Nobody will argue against these displaced people needing support or that genocide or civilian death is unacceptable. The US left billions of dollars of hard cash, advanced military hardware and tonnes of ammunition and machine guns in Afghanistan. This not only funded the Taliban but armed them against their own people. This stupidity has to stop. The blind expense of sending money and arms needs to be changed so that we have a process to manage these events efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. These ruthless regimes know that the rest of the world will take the refuges off their hands or provide millions in humanitarian aid. They know we are charitable and dip into our pockets to help their victims out. While the UK and the rest of the world act as global charities and provide more support to foreign aid than to helping their own people in poverty, there will be an imbalance and more evil regimes will continue to abuse our compassion.  United Nations should be in charge of these global issues, but in these woke times they are toothless.  NONPOL would do the following to deal with our International Aid and Support Programme: 

  1. Either get United Nations to step up to the mark or withdraw from United Nations.
  2. If we withdraw from United Nations try to set up a new global organisation that is responsive, decisive and aggressive with evil regimes. 
  3. Any country that we provide aid to; put sanctions on the elite people in that country. It makes no sense people starving in Africa if that country has millionaire nationals taking their money out of the country. 
  4. The Ukraine war has shown how weak we have been with sanctions. We have allowed a lot of the Oligarchs time to remove their assets. We have given banks and companies a chance to move funds. NONPOL will issue sanctions hard and very quickly so that they have the instant and desired effect. 
  5. All our support and effort is not for free. If we take refugees and rehouse them and re-educate them and they stay, all their costs will be added up and paid back, similar to student loan. 
  6. Any aid provide to a foreign country must be paid back when that country is able to do so, but assets must be provided to secure these loans, such as national property. 
  7. There are some very rich countries in the world, we would also look to getting some International Aid for the UK, such as major cultural projects or projects that our economy cannot afford. 

The UK has to stop being a global charity with the taxpayer’s money and look at the root cause of these global issues rather that fixing the symptoms with money and virtual signalling. 

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