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Health & Medication (Video Script)

We would like you to watch the whole video but to save you time, here is an outline of the video content so you can decide if you want to watch all or part of it: 

  1. Current State

We believe the NHS is an amazing health institution, as demonstrated by the way the UK has survived COVID and quickly recovered to the ‘Normal Service has been resumed’ state . We believe the Patient Access portal and the current use of technology is excellent and we would encourage everyone to use Patient Access and their phone app a lot more. This will greatly reduce the query handling time at our doctors surgeries. Like all large institutions, Governmental or Corporate, there is room for improvement. We also believe the NHS should look at more ways to generate revenue and leverage the tools, equipment and resources that have been invested in. We would look for ways to provide incentives for those who live a healthy life style and help the unhealthy to become healthier.

  1. Proactive medicine

We believe in a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach to health care. This would save more lives and in the long term, reduce the costs to the health service. We recognize that the NHS already try to do this, but we would take it further. We would install a blood testing machine in every surgery and walk-in clinic. Blood testing facilities would be available 24/7. Everybody would be required to have a blood test every 3 months to analyze their state of health.  The UK currently suffers from a vitamin deficiency pandemic, in particular vitamin D. If the population had had a high level of vitamin D, thousands of lives would have been saved during Covid. Statistics show that a very high percentage of patients in Covid ICU were deficient in vitamin D. This message was provided regularly by Dr John Campbell, but the UK media cancelled him and this very important message was not made clear to the UK public; primarily because pharmaceuticals do not make money from vitamins. Also the Political narrative, forced by big Pharma, was that vaccines are the only answer. We now know this was wrong and again it is only Dr John Campbell that is reporting  much higher deaths than expected, known as the excess death rate, probably caused by Covid vaccines. The excess death rate is not only worrying but exists in every country where the Covid vaccine was administered.

NONPOL would provide free vitamins to patients showing a vitamin deficiency in their blood tests. Monitoring blood tests on a regular basis will also identify other conditions early and save many lives and millions of wasted money spent on unnecessary surgeries.  With our long-term goal of a 24/7 society, doctors surgeries, hospitals, chemists and walk-in clinics would  be open 24/7 providing access to all patients to continually monitor their health. This would also provide an overall ‘state of the nations health’. Our prime objective is to is to make the UK healthier.

  1. Withdrawal from WHO

In 2020-21 the UK paid over half a billion dollars to the WHO. The WHO now wants new laws agreed by its members states so that it can legally control a countries health system and mandate lock-downs, without question; as well as other far-reaching political powers. We should never allow a global body to control the health of our people. We know better than anyone else what to do about health in the UK, we have the NHS. One policy does not fit all; the UK cannot be hindered by a policy that must also work for a 3rd world country. Bad advice and hesitation on guidelines from the WHO cost the world millions of lives during Covid. The WHO, although doing lot of good work and trying to have good intentions, is too political, too woke and tries to please all countries and cultures. Diseases and viruses are indiscriminate and don’t care about people or cultures. As the WHO is also funded by organisations with pharmaceutical interests it also has to please the people who make profit from the vaccinations for diseases.  Vaccinations have their place and have saved many lives, but they have also killed many lives, so more control and testing is needed. Big Pharma need us to be ill so they can make money. The day we find a cure for cancer is the day they will lose billions from cancer treatment, the Burzynski Clinic is an example we all should see. The Bill Gates Foundation and the GAVI Vaccine Alliance donated a total of $863 in 2021, which buys a lot of political power. We won’t go as far as saying the WHO is corrupt, our lawyers won’t let us, but what we will say is that with the WHO’s new drive to get more ‘carte blanc’ power, we believe it is a mistake to remain one of their members. We would immediately pull out of the WHO and give the half a billion dollar savings to our doctors and nurses. As a side note, the French Government only paid $141 to the WHO in 2021, even though they have a similar size population to the UK.

  1. Taking the Politics and Pharma out of the NHS

Covid showed that the Political narrative drove the actions of the NHS. It also showed that Pharma was driving Politics. We need to learn a lesson from this and let medicine and independent studies guide the NHS, not Big Pharma or Politics. Most studies are funded by Pharma or corporations or foundations with a lot to gain from certain results. In most cases good vitamins, a healthy life style, an efficient health system and good hygiene will protect people against most diseases. The human body is very resilient, especially when you are young. The UK is not a 3rd World nation and have the common sense, health system  and correct ‘in country’ guidance, such as that of Dr John Campbell, to ride through difficult times, without being forced to take untested vaccinations that cause more harm than good in young healthy people. We don’t need to be locked down like a military state and have our freedoms withdrawn because of the political pressure the big Pharma can exert. Figures clearly showed that the average age of death in the UK from Covid was 83 years old. Each day we were told how many people died with Covid NOT from Covid. If a motorcyclist dies in a crash and had Covid he was added to the statistic. The statistics were abused, distorted and often inaccurate, purely to control the publics fear. We never see the statistics of people who have die that had been vaccinated, because we know this would distort the statistics and hurt Pharma. The Government was guilty of scaring the nation into the vaccine. Even a child would tell you that we need to protect the elderly, as this is such an obvious vulnerable group, even for things like flu. We know how to best protect them, and that is not allowing visitors into care homes during the pandemic, like it or not. The only group that need to be isolated are the vulnerable and a care home is the perfect place to manage isolation – but the caring relatives visited them and bought Covid and death to the care homes. We also know that monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine also helps recovery from Covid, all with zero risks or side effects, however this approach does not make big Pharma rich, so politics and money prevailed and many lives were lost, and still are, unnecessarily. The WHO even had the audacity to redefine the term ‘vaccination’ so that they could peddle mRNA (untested gene therapy) under the auspices of a vaccine in order to manipulate people into believing it was good. NONPOL recognises there are some good vaccines and also some very good medicines, most of which have been fully tested and have decades of data and results. Not many people realise that thousands of medicines that have been passed as safe and effective are withdrawn EVERY year due to high health risks or high risk of killing the patient. The Pharmaceutical industry has had the highest fines ever dished out for negligence, more than all other industries put together, but they carry-on with impunity, all in the crusade for profit. NONPOL would not only make the fines to company threaten their existence but it would put in prison the people who created the lies and deception, if need be years after they have retired or left the company. We need to control Pharma and it political influence and put an end to the millions of unnecessary deaths. As you will see with everything that NONPOL are trying to tackle there is always a better way, there is good Pharma and bad Pharma. We seek only good Pharma that is not involved in politics, manipulation, corruption and deceit; only a mission to save lives. At the moment we can’t trust Pharma and they need to take their own medicine and keep within ethical, political and financial boundaries. Our NHS is a legendary organisation that knows how to look after the public and has saved many billions of lives, it has the capacity, experience and resources to make the correct decisions for individuals and not be bullied, or controlled by the WHO, Politics and Big Pharma. Medicine is for the people, not the balance sheet.

  1. Purchase pharmaceutical company

The NHS dish out millions of prescriptions every year. They have to pay big Pharma for these medicines, this is a huge cost to the NHS. There are many drugs that are white labelled, such as anti-histamines. A Pharma label version is around £5 for 7, whereas a white label version costs less than a pound; the same goes for aspirin, paracetamol, Lemsip, and many more common drugs.  NONPOL would purchase a Pharmaceutical company that would produce white-labelled drugs to the NHS at cost. We would also sell these NHS labelled drugs to other countries at a modest margin to gain funds for our own drug development, in direct competition to big Pharms. We would be happy to collaborate with Big Pharma if they follow strict ethical codes and extensive testing. We want to work with Pharma, not have to rely on them or be held ransom by them. NONPOL wants the NHS as a world renown Drug brand that everyone can trust.

  1. Require testing and redefinition of vaccines

It is criminal that Big Pharma cannot be sued for bad or unsafe vaccines. It is also criminal that the definition of a vaccine was reclassified just to suit the mRNA vaccine. NONPOL would declassify mRNA as a vaccine and label it ‘experimental gene therapy that has not been fully tested’, so that the individual is informed when making their choice. With quantum computing on the horizon the testing of new drugs will take months rather than years, so we have a very exciting time approaching us in medicine. NONPOL would ensure we have a quantum computer available to the NHS to run thorough testing on the NHS branded drugs and for new research into vaccines and antibiotics, as described in Michio Kaku Book ‘Quantum Supremacy’. We would ensure ALL drugs and vaccines complete full and extensive testing before a license for use would be issued. We would set up a new body to monitor all drugs in the UK market to continue to collect the data and ensure drugs remain safe and effective.  Licenses will not be issued until extensive testing has been approved by this body; we would however allow and classify experimental drugs for patients when no other options are available as long as they clearly understand and accept the risks.

  1. No claims bonus to the healthy

With processed and fast foods, our food industry has made it harder for each generation to get good nutrition. Our fast interconnected lives also make us lazy and young people often look for a quick food fix. Genetically modified wheat has also directly affected our diet in very negative ways.  A lot of people make extra effort to eat well and live a healthy life. These people do not cost the NHS money in prescriptions or medical support, yet they receive no reward for their efforts. NONPOL would look to give benefits to these healthy people, similar to a no claims bonus on car insurance. These bonuses could be free mobile airtime or free Netflix subscriptions or many other benefits that they could choose from. Hopefully this would also encourage young people to start a healthy life style. Although the scheme would be open to everyone, the younger we can encourage people to be healthy, the less the long -term burden to the NHS.

  1. Remove NHS facilities for private patients

The NHS has invested billions in equipment, however we still have long waiting lists. It is unfair that private patients can use NHS equipment and facilities. Private medical services will have to pay for and provide all their own facilities, including surgeons and doctors. There can be no queue jumping in the NHS. If you are fortunate enough to pay for quicker treatment, then that can be made available to you through private medical health care, but not in an NHS facility. Again with our 24/7 strategy, clinics, outpatients and all hospitals would be open 24/7, so that there would be minimal waiting for all procedures.

  1. Taxation on high sugar and processed foods

There is no doubt high-sugar and processed foods are to blame for our diabetic and obesity pandemic. They are convenient, cheap and addictive. NONPOL would heavily tax these products to take them out of the reach of the weak, poor and vulnerable. Hopefully this would make it cheaper to buy healthier foods or force the food industry to make healthier foods. GM wheat, corn sugar, trans fats, margarine, artificial sweeteners, fruit juices, soda etc would all fall under the unhealthy food tax. The revenue from this tax would go into the health system to help people lead healthier lives.

  1. Major drive against obesity

Each generation has gotten fatter, not only because of poor diet but also lack of exercise. Obesity in school children is the worst it has ever been and now children are getting diabetes. NONPOL would make health education a whole new subject as part of our Education Manifesto Initiative. Every child would learn about unhealthy foods and healthy foods. We would go back to providing free school breakfasts and school lunches to help children eat better. We would monitor each child’s health and ensure they got the best exercise and nutrition possible. We would also try to educate the parents, especially the parents of obese children. If we teach our children how to live a healthy life then their own children are likely to also be healthier.  We would have incentives to lose weight but bigger incentives to keep the weight off. With the development of Vegovy there is now a drug that can really help the overweight population. This could be an example of good Pharma, but the drug would be produced by the NHS under their own Pharmaceutical brand.

  1. Collection of direct costs

The A&E department is full of people who have self- inflicting injuries such as when they have been under the influence of alcohol, be the injuries caused in a brawl or where someone has face planted the gutter. Other people fall of a ladder because they haven’t be sensible. Where a person has to have treatment due to self-inflicted injuries, they will be charged for that treatment. The tax payers should not have to pay for idiots. Again if the person does not have the funds to pay, they will receive the treatment but will have a debt to the NHS, which will be paid through their tax code, as a student-type loan or worst case scenario through probate. Besides saving the NHS money, this will become a revenue stream for the NHS.

  1. Competition in operations, teeth and cosmetic surgery

The tax payer should not be paying for people to have cosmetic or personal surgery; however many people are going abroad for cheap personal surgery such as going to Turkey to get better teeth or bigger buttocks. When these people return and have problems, the NHS comes to the rescue, at a cost to the tax payer. This should of course be included under the self-inflicted injuries policy; however the NHS have the facilities to offer this cosmetic and personal surgery services in the UK. NONPOL would offer competitive prices for all these procedures but these procedures would be carried outside of normal working hours, such through the night, so that critical resources are not taken away from day to day patients. This would become another revenue stream for the NHS and also help move towards a 24/7 health service.

  1. Mental health in youth programme

Mental health in young people is becoming an epidemic, and most of the damage happens in the school environment, due to drugs or with social media. Besides banning smart devices from the class room, mental health awareness and training would be another subject in the curriculum.  Each school would have mental health experts and every effort would be made to reduce mental health in young people in the school environment, as well as following through to Universities. Our new approach to education, using every afternoon for creative and sporting activities, would also help relieve stress and tension in the classroom. As some of the mental health issues happen in the home environment, parents would be involved in the mental health programme in the school.

  1. Health breakdown service

Like the RAC, we would introduce a new service that provides on-call medical services. This would be a premier subscription service for immediate call-out medical attendance for small and minor procedures, such as sprained ankle, unsightly rash, in growing toenail, gout etc. Major issues would still be dealt with by the normal ambulance procedure. This is a new conceptional idea and needs further time to define.

  1. Incentives to attract more health workers.

The NONPOL Immigration initiative will bring high-quality English-speaking doctors, nurses and health workers to the NHS, this will be part of our overall initiative to bring a 24/7 society. With the savings from WHO, the initiatives to recoup money and other new revenues streams being built into the NHS, we will generate the funds to reduce doctors and nurse’s hours and increase the hourly rate. We would reward people with their commitment, so provide automatic bonuses for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years’ service. We would also look to introduce a bonus system on efficiency targets, mystery shoppers/patients reports, punctuality and attendance records and a patient review scheme. We would use technology for resource management to support sickness and holidays so that no service is depleted, and workers are not put under pressure to work double shifts or not have adequate time off. The NHS is a pressurized environment, and the staff need more tolerable conditions. We would give a bonus to all doctors or nurses that graduate with a first-class degree or equivalent medical qualification if they join the NHS. We would look to industry and other international health systems around the world to see how they motivate, maintain and reward high calibre staff.  We would continually look to reward our great NHS. NONPOL want to make the NHS a great place to work.

  1. Legalise Cannabis and Hallucinogenic drugs

The are enough global studies to support the benefits of Cannabis and Hallucinogenic drugs to warrant them becoming freely available, in the same way alcohol, opioids and cigarettes are now available. While these drugs are illegal and out on the street, they are being laced with toxins such as Fentanyl or rat poison and in the US are the cause of a staggering number of deaths, that is increasing on an annual basis. If these drugs are freely available on the NHS, they can be made safe to the public. These drugs have many medical uses and should be on prescription, but obviously they also have a great recreational use and should be on sale for recreational purposes. This recreational use can be beneficial as part of a mental well-being approach, to relieve stress and increase happiness. These drugs have less physical or mental impact on health than does alcohol and cigarettes, which are freely used recreationally or to bust stress. The dispensing of these drugs through the NHS will better control the quality and safety as well as creating a huge revenue stream for the NHS.

  1. Turn health service into a revenue stream.

Besides running the best health service in the world, the NHS needs to look at how it can monetize its resources. NONPOL have already suggested new ways of creating or recouping revenue, but there must be many more, such as selling white label Viagra or Cialis. NONPOL would get industry experts to come up with novel and profitable ways to generate revenue streams that do not impact its quality of service our waiting times. There is capacity in the NHS to hugely reduce it cost to the taxpayer as well as hugely increase its efficiency and reputation.

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