First UK Non-Political Party


Support the Farmers

Farmers are the life blood of our community and without them there is no real food, other than the unhealthy chemical produced mass produced factory food that is making our children fat and poisoning us all. It’s time to support the farmers and their fresh produce to help get the country healthy again and tax the unhealthy food industry or our children will continue to grow up fat, die young and have a huge burden on our health service. NONPOL want to drive a huge Farmer initiative. Here are some of our plans.

  1. NONPOL’s long-term plan, also known as our principle 8, is to make the UK as self-sufficient as possible so that we cannot be held to ransom, especially on food, by other countries or Governments. The farming industry is critical to self-sufficiency and should be seen as important as our utility companies. Farming would be part of the UK Infrastructure and have the security and investment to make it a critical industry and service to all UK Citizens first and then as an exporter of quality fresh produce.
  2. NONPOL would appoint a Farming Regulator that would investigate how we can make the UK produce more competitive by removing bureaucracy and red tape, remove levies and taxes (especially green taxes and overheads) and look to use technology to manage the food supply from use of JIT principles, AI and shared overnight load distribution similar to the Amazon model. Unnatural removal of carbon from our atmosphere is a ridiculous and virtual signaling concept. Carbon isn’t the issue. Feeding us healthy food is.
  3. While working on how we can produce and distribute produce quicker and cheaper NONPOL, together with the Farming Regulator, would do a gap analysis of all the food we produce in the UK compare against all our imports, like for like, and apply import tax to produce coming in to the UK that are at a cheaper price than in the UK, so that imports would not be cheaper. Being outside the EU helps that.
  4. It makes no sense that somebody can produce the same produce outside of UK for a price lower than the UK – something is wrong, and we need to investigate how other countries get it cheaper and see if we can learn from their model. If it is from government subsidies, then NONPOL would tax the imports to take away the subsidies advantage or also apply subsidies to UK farmers.
  5. NONPOL would look to invest in Hydroponics and Electro culture to improve produce quality, size and speed to market and also to grow items that we rely on exports for, such as pineapples and bananas. Technology allows us to create environments that should make most products available in the UK. This would also cut down on the fertilizer risks.
  6. Once we have a strong, efficient and competitive model we would then look at optimizing against a greener agenda as long as it did stop us from being competitive and self-sufficient. We are totally against Net Zero, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do things in a more ecological way, especially if it protects our harvest environment. NONPOL is pro green energy where it is cheaper. Wind rain and sun are free so we should harness them efficiently.
  7. The NONPOL Farming Regulator would support the whole end to end food chain and ensure all related industries have a strong voice in parliament. The regulator would be made up of farmers rather than corporates, in fact it is very important that there is no corporate influence or capture. The regulator would be made up of retired farmers; retired either through age or injury or agriculture academics as well as young farmers that have graduated in agriculture. As with every thing we want to remove the Bollotics and cut to the issues as well as protect our industries from the globalists
  8. We are fully behind ‘No farmers no food’ and we would promote UK grown produce and provide hurdles against competing products coming from outside of the UK, if the products are grown in the UK. We would work with the major food sellers, Tesco, ASDQA, Morrisons etc, to find out how we can get more UK produce in their store. Besides ensuring we maintain high levels of output, even in difficult times of flood and drought, (see hydroponics and electro culture above) we need to see how we can increase output and also more scientific storage to ensure we never run out of food. NONPOL want to increase the figure of 60% of the food we eat being produced in the UK, to over 90%, as part as our objective to become self-sufficient. It is a waste of money spending millions on advertising campaigns to buy British food. The consumer, in the current climate, uses one factor and that is price. British produce MUST be competitive and be of comparable or better quality than our competitors.
  9. As schools and hospitals are managed by the government, we would make it mandatory for schools and hospitals to use local produce or produce grown in the UK. We would also look at the menus in schools and hospitals to ensure they fully use more healthy foods. Besides supporting the farmers this would ensure healthier food in schools and hospitals, so it is win win for the economy, people’s health and the burden on the NHS. Not only is healthy fresh food critical it is essential from stopping our children getting fat. Besides making it more available I would put an ‘unhealthy’ tax on pre-prepared junk foods and food high in sugar and this tax would pay for the farming subsidies. Healthier kids wealthier farmers.
  10. If farms are classified as a utility company, they become part of the UK infrastructure which has some very harsh rules applied to it, so crimes and thefts against national infrastructure carry extreme penalties. NONPOL is a technology company and would install cameras on all farms and farming assets, with recordings going to the cloud. I would integrate the Farms surveillance equipment into our national security services for the monitoring of all our national security cameras, again optimizing with AI. As farming is part of national infrastructure, any theft or damage to that infrastructure, including fly tipping, would be an instant custodial offence. See our prison manifesto, where prison isn’t free and there is a charge per night. As we are short of prisons, with the use of the military and prisoners would build additional prisons in remote Scotland. We would use the prison workforce to a full extent and treat them as a revenue stream.
  11. Farms can only be owned by UK residents and not asset management companies or corporations. Our farming industry can’t be captured it must be protected to the hilt so that Black Rock and Bill Gates can’t by our critical assets. The Farming Regulator would ensure Farms remain in British ownership and are expanded rather than depleted. We would not allow farms to become converted barn extensions, expensive private houses or caravan parks. If need be the government would buy the farms and like pubs find managers to run them. Farms would have listings of national infrastructure and therefore protected.
  12. We would bring agriculture into the school curriculum and invest in young farmers, by giving them farming degrees free of charge. The Government owned farms would be used for practical experience in teaching young farmers. Looking at our good immigration policy, we can provide workers during harvest. Beside building the University campus immigrants can be deployed to farmers during harvest by wearing a security tag or those not critical to the campus build can support the farming industry until they graduate.
  13. Mental health is at pandemic levels and something we need to focus on countrywide, especially in our young farmers. NONPOL will bring mental health specialists into schools, youth clubs, and communities. NONPOL wants a 24/7 society and there would be the equivalent of the Samaritans in all communities. We would run a service that visits all farms to see how each farmers mental health is, especially in difficult times of flood and drought. We need to raise the esteem in our farmers and make them a pillar of strength in our society. Healthy Farmers, healthy food.
  14. We would look how we can try to stock the UK animal stock from within, in the same way we do with the chicken farms in Norfolk. In fact, the UK poultry industry, which provides billions of chickens per year is a great model on how we rear, grow, slaughter, protect and take to market. It also provides a lot of natural manure for our fields, as does the pig industry. Importing animal stock introduces disease risk and does not meet our goal of self-sufficiency. Again, the Farming Regulator would plan the phasing out of importing animal stock once our home grown model can support our needs.
  15. NONPOL would set up a dedicated research school for scientists to help identify less toxic fertilizers and chemicals, again using AI modelling. More research needs to be put into the impacts of chemicals in our food chain and its impact on our ecology and top soil
  16. How to pay for it all – Besides import tax on our competitors produce we have plans for raising the money that goes to the treasury, see here – which would in turn increase our farming budget substantially