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Communication & Utilities

Communication & Utilities (Video Transcript)

Every person in the UK uses utilities such as, gas, electric, water and communications, like broadband, in their day-to-day life. Without these utilities life in the modern world would be very difficult. The private companies that provide these services are making huge profits, at the cost of the consumer. This means the domestic user is paying too much for these services. Many old people suffer because of the cost of keeping warm. NONPOL want to change this by owning gas, electric, water and broadband companies. We will then be able to offer all these services at cost price, to ensure the cost of living is reduced for everybody. Our long-term plan would be to provide free utilities to everybody for them to meet their basic requirements. Anything over and above the basic requirements, would be charged at a premium rate. This would mean that the high-end users would subsidise the free utilities for the less well off and elderly. Like an income tax threshold, cost of paying for utilities would only be charged once a certain amount of energy, water or broadband has been consumed. We also don’t like the idea of large American organisations like Microsoft and Google controlling the email of UK subjects. We would give every UK citizen their own UK email address free of charge.

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