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Immigration (Video Script)

There is good immigration and bad immigration. Bad immigration is where people come to the UK and can’t and won’t speak the language, won’t follow the British way of life, work without paying taxes or live off benefit, often getting more benefit than a retired person who has worked all their life. They often congregate with people of similar cultures and status, sometimes causing a poor and ghetto type environment. The children from these immigrants have a poor standard of living and less opportunities in life. Furthermore, they are resented by their neighbourhood. Although there are some good immigrants who respect the English culture and want to be a part of English society, NONPOL does not believe we have a system to properly support good immigration for all, namely the immigrants themselves or the English society that has to accept them.  Immigration can be a great asset to the UK if handled correctly. We don’t want immigrants that are criminals in their own country or bring drugs and other contraband to the UK.  We also don’t want to allow terrorists a chance to embed themselves in our society and convert others in the UK to become terrorists. Like Australia we would use a points system so that we can allow immigrants with skills that are needed and immigrants that are financially stable and can speak English. Of those that don’t meet this category or are legitimate asylum seekers, we would have a way to support and help them with their future. Our approach would be as follows: 

  1. All immigrants that pass screening, will be assessed for their language and qualifications. If they can pass an English GCSE, oral and written, an English citizen’s test, and pass the testing concerning their trade, they will be given a national insurance number and found a job in their trade. We would also find them appropriate housing. All costs of accommodation while they go through the immigration process and any costs until they are self-sufficient, will be added up and treated the same way as a student loan, which they would pay back through their wages. After 10 years of full employment and national insurance payments, and complete repayment of their loan, they could apply for naturalization.  
  2. Any immigrant that has passed processing that could not pass either their English test or confirm they have a trade, would be housed at a learning campus, similar to a university, and would be given the appropriate language and trade training. During this period, they would be housed, fed and clothed to English standards. When they graduate with an English GCSE and a trade, they would get their national insurance number, job and housing. If they are part of a family, the whole family would have the education required, so that the children, once the parents graduate, would be able to go straight into the education system.  Again, all costs incurred for the whole family would be paid back as a loan through the parent’s wages. 

All legitimate immigrants require respect and an opportunity to start a new life, however all immigrants must accept and respect the British culture and society. 

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