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Prisons (Video Script)

Our prison system is broken and costs a lot of money. NONPOL proposes a complete prison reform. The idea of time off for good behaviour is total nonsense. The minimum standard in prison should be good behaviour, that is the whole concept of rehabilitation. Prison should not be for free and need to be a deterrent, not a lifestyle and certainly not a drug den or place for criminal gangs to operate from. Prisoners should also feel safe; it is impossible to rehabilitate somebody that lives in constant fear. Here are some of our prison reforms:

  1. Prisons would be split or built to house white collar criminal separately from violent criminals.
  2. All prison sentences will be full length and unless there is good behaviour throughout, thesentence will be increased.
  3. Prison will become a revenue stream rather than a cost scheme. Each prison will look to generate revenue through the labour of the inmates. Prison will also look to leverage their facilities and services to generate income. Prison is not a holiday camp, it is where you learn and earn.
  4. If you are a criminal, you lose your freedom and respect, which you have to earn back. Prison would have four categories within them.

               a. A class –Hardened criminals who are a danger to the public, other criminals, guards and other prison staff. No social mixing, food in cells, no visitors and no                       luxuries. Stainless steel self-cleaning cells with 24/7 CCTV. There should be no incentive for a prisoner to want to stay very long. 

               b. B class –Hardened criminals that have been processed through A class prison cells. Limited social mixing. 24/7 surveillance with very limited luxuries and                           one visitor per month.

               c. C class –Willingness to rehabilitate or be retrained. All luxuries and liberties will be awarded on behaviour of the individual. Must also support revenue                                   streams to help pay off stay. Must qualify socially through this stage to get to D class.

               d. D class –The stage every prisoner must reached before being released. This area will prepare them for beingreleased into the community and determine what                      their assets and final prison bill will be.

          5. Daily drug tests

          6. Every criminal would spend up to 60 hours per week on working or training, depending on which category they are in.

          7. A person cannot leave prison until they have progressed through final rehabilitation D category.

          8. Every person with over a 3-month sentence must spend 1 week in isolation and undergo daily psychological testing and assessment before they are                                      categorised. Re-offenders will spend 2 weeks in isolation. All isolation units would be housed in category A prisons. Their evaluation during isolation will                              determine which category prison they will be moved to.

          9. It is important to make Prison a deterrent and then a rehabilitation environment. Once somebody is sentenced to more than 3 months their assets, or any assets                 they have moved in the last 12 months, would be frozen and they would be listed and treated as a sanctioned person. 

         10. Each prison will determine how much it costs to finance a prisoner on a daily basis. Each prisoner will have a prison bill similar to a hotel bill that they will pay                      either through work in the prison, through their assets or through their tax code, similar to a student’s loan, when they leave prison.

Reference 1 – The State of UK Prisons and the Urgent Need for Reform written by Becky Clark

Reference 2 – British prisons are inhumane and do not prevent crime – most of them should go by Simon Jenkins