First UK Non-Political Party


*This is the third version of this video as we are always looking to improve and progress, there will be many more versions in the future. Please send your ideas and or comments on this video for us to consider HERE. Thank you – NONPOL Team

BOLLOTICS (Video Transcript)


Our Governmental system is set up on a framework of Political parties, with the first Political party, ‘The Tories’, being founded in 1834. The objective of the system seems to be, to identify respectable ‘bodies’ that are voted in by the people that the people believe in enough to rule the country in the best interest of the people. The word Political now has very different connotations, often being negative. Society has hugely evolved over the last one hundred and seventy years and with technological advances and the current techno generation there seems to be very little respect for our political parties or their representatives. Social media, love it or hate it, is flooded with very negative comments about our political parties. In the 2010 election only 7% of the population rated Politicians highly. This was based on a study from the Centre for the Study of Integrity at Essex University.  Politics is now being seen as Bollotics by the current generations and they are turned off.

It is time we revisited our political system and brought it up to date with the modern world we live in. The UK has been leaders in innovation for decades and we now have an opportunity to show the world the Political Parties need to be less political, more moral and ethical for our people, rather than for individual Political benefits.

Why is Politics perceived as being so bad?

By design, Politics is corrupt. Politicians nowadays need Influencers, Corporates, Big Pharma, Financiers, Lobbyists and Sponsors to get elected, by whom they then become obligated to; this creates agendas and decisions that are NOT fully to the advantage or best interests of the populous or, more importantly, to our future. Thus, we have corruption due to the design and mechanics of the political system.  This is often not the fault of the Politician, but that of the system itself. Some US Presidents, such as Obama, delivered great speeches before occupying the White House but once elected, have their hands tied by the power players and fixed political systems. This happens in many countries, including the UK. The current system is there to enforce corruption in government and to keep the puppet masters controlling the strings in the background.

The UK has great brains and innovation which, if used correctly and given time, could very well fix this country. Unfortunately, Bollotics does not allow these great assets to be used sensibly or optimally unless there is political or financial gain for a small set of individuals. NONPOL aims to take Bollotics out of government and by the use of great neutral minds, introduce common sense, intelligence, honesty and collaboration into building an exciting and refreshing future.

For our New Party, we are not looking for Politicians but for Project Managers, Business Analysts, Logistic Experts, Academics and Resource Managers who want to stand for Parliament and make a difference such as we have never seen before. Without the restrictions of Bollotics and with the empowerment of knowledge and common sense, we can rescue the UK from the Civil War or 3rd World Country status that seems inevitable to come over the next 20 years or so.