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The Military

The Military (Video Transcript)

The UK is an island and now separate from the EU. We are still part of NATO but the Ukraine crisis shows how toothless NATO can be. Nobody knows what the situation will be if 2 NATO countries will be at war. If the French get aggressive over fishing quotas or block their ports for trade into Europe, we could be in conflict with them and NATO would not get involved. Over the last 20 years we have slowly reduce our military and effectively the defence of the UK. We at NONPOL believe we need a better and stronger military. We also need to modernise our approach and mentality to military, it is not just to protect our borders it should also be for protecting within our borders, particularly in the area of terrorism and cyber warfare. Our initiatives to enhance our military stance is as follows: 

  1. Like the concept of State Troopers in America we would have a new division of the military that would be the middleware layer between Police and Military call ‘the UK Guard’. They would be country wide and address major incidents such as riots and major criminal activities that required significant physical presence. They would also protect all our sensitive sites, such as nuclear plants or arms depots.  
  2. It is important that we increase the monitoring of our coastline borders from drug dealers, illegal immigration and hostile attacks. Besides bolstering the Navy we would provide a large light military service to support the coastguard service to ensure all our coast line is continually monitored.  
  3. The current military bases would be improved to run like University campuses to ensure good education for our military and also to support our initiative on Civilian Service – see our policy on this at –
  4. We would set up a new division in the military to deal purely with Cyber warfare. This would ensure that we could protect our digital assets as well as our physical assets.  These resources would be taught at the new University campuses being built on Military bases. These would be high paid military personnel to attract the best in the industry and to stop them leaving to better paid jobs. 
  5. Missile defence division – we have seen the impact of missiles both in Ukraine and in Israel. We would ensure we have a missile defence dome above all strategic area in the UK, such as sensitive military sites and strategic airports. 
  6. National Rapid response team would fall under the military, as when we experience  extreme events, it takes the strength and knowledge of military discipline to survive.  The UK is not prepared for any major event such as a Tsunami, earthquake, nuclear accident, meteorite strike or other major disasters. A team would be set up to respond to these. See our incident response manifesto under –        
  7. Funding the military. We have identified a number of ways we will fund our manifesto , see our section on ‘The Economy’.  In addition to overall new funding mechanisms the military will also introduce various revenue streams to help fund these military initiatives. Like everywhere else in the UK, the military bases and their University campuses will run 24/7. These campuses will support all local community needs by renting education and sporting facilities. We will also hire our armed forces and technology to foreign countries on a mercenary’s basis, as long as the conflict does not go against our foreign policy or impact our national security. We will offer additional services to earn money, such as running advanced driving lessons and HGV lessons and testing. Letting high earning have the thrill of driving a tank or being a passenger in a jet on a training mission.  Hire out guns and shooting ranges to the public, obviously under strict security. Hold combat and martial art courses and facilities.  Each military base will have a business manager assigned to it. 

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