First UK Non-Political Party


Party of Technology

As a party of technology, we are aiming to find new ways to utilise cutting edge technology to improve all aspects of UK life. Our belief is that technology will play a substantial role in repairing and preparing the UK for the future. This will be done by refining, improving and creating innovative options and capabilities for our political, financial and social systems. We have a plethora of ideas on how we could do this and, to this end, we have started a new initiative called ‘Digital UK 2’. The current Digital UK project from the Government focuses primarily on the delivery of high-speed broadband to every household. This is a fabulous project and shows that Governments can achieve greatness for its people. However, we want to gain leverage from this initiative and take Digital UK to the next stage, which is why we are calling it ‘Digital UK 2’, as a nod to the efforts of the current Government. This is a standalone project that will follow PRINCE 2 principles and be delivered by experts in the field. These types of projects can’t be delivered by a Government as they could never introduce a digital currency that would be in competition with the British pound, even though such competition already exists. Also, civil servants aren’t paid enough to deliver evolving, ground-breaking technologies. Even contractors can’t deliver all the skills needed. For Digital UK 2 to succeed, we will need to hand pick a team of industry experts paid at high rates to build a secure and stable set of solutions.  To start with, we need to find an established major project programme manager(s) and a set of requirements. To understand the ideas we have for this project, see some of our ideas below and how they will be used by NONPOL itself. 

Dedicated UK Blockchain

The blockchain is now an established technology and has many future applications, such as the backbone of a crypto currency or the integrity of a metaverse. A lesser one is to support a DAO (see below), which is where NONPOL wants to progress to in the future.

The blockchain, is a ledger of transactions that are recorded in a time-stamped order. Anyone can get a copy of a ledger, as it does not belong to an organisation or a government, which is why governments don’t like it; if you have a copy, you can view every transaction on the ledger. We would like to create a blockchain specific to the UK as we believe this technology is revolutionary and allows for a plethora of possibilities in the future. This blockchain is what we would intend to utilise in support of our other projects detailed below.

Bitcoin was the first successful use of the blockchain, allowing anyone to download the Bitcoin ledger into a digital wallet. If someone tries to buy something with Bitcoin, the buyer can check the ledger to verify that the person actually has those Bitcoin and didn’t spend them 5 minutes ago with somebody else – a little like your current account with the bank. A Blockchain is therefore decentralised, as no one entity or person owns it, only the people using it – a bit like the Internet.

The UK Blockchain will be used for the following future applications:

UK-dedicated cryptocurrency – With the demise of the gold standard and the unrealistic leveraging of debt allowed by banks and governments, sovereign currencies (known as FIAT) are dead and it’s only a matter of time before the world will need to develop a better version of global currency. Until 2009, this was not an option. Bitcoin has since changed that and even with many Governments and banks effort to stop this currency it is now very well established, even to the extent that mainstream portfolios now holding Bitcoin, it is here to stay. It is highly conceivable that, in the future, each nation will have its own globally fungible (meaning interchangeable) cryptocurrency.  Ideally we would like the Bank of England to adopt and run the exchange of the UK cryptocurrency – this way, the Bank can manage the money supply (which is what they are good at). They would also charge a fractional transaction fee (possibly only a few pence) instead of claiming interest, in order to earn revenue for the Government. This is currently how Bitcoin works; there are millions of Bitcoin transactions every minute, each having a very small transaction fee. This currency would be able to be used in every day life and also in the UK Metaverse (see below). Similarly, you can earn this currency in or out of real life. Additionally, by having our own cryptocurrency, we don’t have to rely on the volatility of other cryptocurrencies and don’t need to print worthless money with impunity.

Blockchain of contracts – In future, all legal documents (like mortgages, land registry documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, academic  qualifications, hygiene licenses, etc)  can be put on the Blockchain by the appropriate authorised body for everyone to see, use and instantly verify, in order to reduce fraud and increase transparency.

Built by party membership – The cost of developing, maintaining and securing a blockchain is a complex and costly process. When NONPOL has 30,000 members, we will have the funds to finance the Digital UK 2 project.  In return for supporting NONPOL, when the Blockchain goes live, the first 30,000 members will be given 1000 units of the UK cryptocurrency. As an indication of how valuable that could be, Bitcoin has reached the heights of over £48,000 per coin. If the NONPOL cryptocurrency becomes legal tender in the UK, it could well exceed Bitcoin in value. Hopefully with 30,000 investors it will create its own natural integrity, thereby making it ideally for UK wide adoption.

Voting in the UK – The Blockchain can be used to vote. It would be cheap, quick and impossible to misuse. Furthermore the whole country could view the exact results.  With a tool like this in place NONPOL would be able to have almost weekly referendums on things going through Parliament so see what the country felt. Of course these referendums would have to follow our 70/70 rule.


UK Metaverse - Digital UK

In July 2021, Mark Zuckerberg revealed his idea of the ‘Metaverse’ to the world via a quarterly financial report. Essentially, the Metaverse is an XR (Extended Reality) universe within which you can work, generate income, relax, interact with others and perform many real-life functions using just a set of Virtual Reality goggles. This idea is, without a doubt, revolutionary and we believe it will have exceptional uses and pose incredible benefits to us as a species, however, whether this technology will be safe in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg is definitely in question. You may think that the Metaverse is purely a gaming technology, however you would be wrong; an extended reality platform could completely revolutionise our everyday lives, specifically the world of work. Imagine you own a jewellery store in the real world – you can then build your shop in the Metaverse and have customers come in to view photographs or digital versions of your product from the comfort of their own sofas. Extended Reality also poses massive benefits to disabled individuals and those who face significant challenges with employment, allowing them to work from home in a way we’ve never seen before. The potential is vast.

We aim to create our own UK-based metaverse called ‘Digital UK’, which will perfectly map English culture and our way of life. Any UK resident who possesses a national insurance number will have free access to ‘Digital UK’ and will be able to manage various aspects of their real lives virtually, such as purchasing property, voting, working, and many other possibilities. This online society will be based entirely on our own NONPOL blockchain and will adopt the NONPOL cryptocurrency as its official currency, with opportunities to work and earn said currency within the metaverse. We will have a government within the metaverse that dictates its laws and the everyday running of our virtual society, and thereby laws. Breaking these laws  could result in a sentence where your character is virtually imprisoned for a period time, thereby not allowing you to interact with your virtual life or the world around you, but others can freely come and go to see who is in prison and why they’re there.

We would like to make it clear that any money, resources or assets donated to the ‘Digital UK’ project is NOT recorded as a donation to the NONPOL political party – this is a separate project that we are passionate about and would love to see come into fruition. Assets of any description donated to the ‘Digital UK’ project will never, in any circumstance, be used by the NONPOL political party and vice versa. There will be no benefits awarded related to the ‘Digital UK’ project to investors of NONPOL, however, early investors of the ‘Digital UK’ project will gain certain advantages like the ability to mine coins early. These finer details are still being worked out as our concept develops.

DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)

We are not a charity or a legally trading company, but we are an organisation that consists of individuals with similar beliefs, as are most political parties. However, unlike most political parties, we are driven by the efficiency of technology and plan to utilise new technologies as much as possible so that we are dynamic and innovative champions. To this extent, we plan to create our own NONPOL Blockchain in order to support us as a DAO. Eventually, we would aim for automation of political parties via this technology; running our government in this way, we believe, will lead to a more transparent and fair system of law making and a significantly more efficient method of running the country. 

The blockchain is able to record any digital transaction so, besides financial transactions, it can record digitally-created documents, such as Art, which is currently leading the world of NFTsNONPOL will use the blockchain specifically to record ideas so that individuals can prove where an idea originated and to encourage other members to think originally. This way, all our members will be able to lodge their ideas on the blockchain for the party to consider. This gives us a rich source of ideas and creativity, while giving the people coming up with said ideas the credit they deserve. In time, success of the ideas will be rewarded with NONPOL cryptocurrency. This is what will really make us a DAO, as the organisation records its own growth through its members creativity.  As the party evolves, it will automatically record its growth and creativity from a diverse collection of minds that will self-audit its ideas and progress. The blockchain can also be used to record votes on posed ideas and for modelling the overall ideas of its members which, in time, will help adjust and formulate its manifesto. The Blockchain will also record surveys and internal referendums within the party and its members. We also hope to utilise the blockchain’s algorithms to know what party members want and where their social, economical and cultural standings are, thereby make the party autonomous, as well as decentralised.

Donate to Digital UK

We accept donations in the form of various cryptocurrencies in order to support the ‘Digital UK’ project; the addresses are as follows:

BTC – bc1q5n6su2a2xcp0uerryay0zk5e3ylcn2xgmj5mcy

BCH – bitcoincash:qr9m6l9tw0u6rug6qt49mu5k8q708pq72u4puudzg8

DGB – D82EgXNcesHcnNczfWb2WD4cWrkzgBCDnc 

ETH – 0xec459660a8ecfdb82a04be298e794679de5d329f

LTC – MA4pZ3S5nvyiuD6o6mzK1v3VeYpiHdBVh2

LCC – MGbFv4SmXehDcZ7fBNeLrNHwribEYJitET


PPC – PG8E5oJiaKkLw471pa1UYvCVb3pijpWdZy

If you have another digital currency you wish to donate, contact us at and we will send you our wallet details 

Join Digital UK

Setting up these projects will take copious amounts of people, assets and resources to develop and manage. At the moment, these projects are in the early stages of development and we are asking for support from a range of professionals, such as business analysts, programme managers, project managers, programmers, graphic designers and security specialists, just to name a few. If you would like to get involved with any of the projects covered above, or would simply like to know more, contact us via email