First UK Non-Political Party

The Question Nobody is Asking

(Video Transcript)

The question nobody is asking. What is the carbon footprint of war? Diesel in the tanks, Jet fuel in fighter jets and attack helicopters, toxic gases used to shoot missiles, manufacturing of munitions, military vehicles, and weapon systems; the gases caused in explosions; the heavy-duty machinery to clear the debris of the destruction, fuel in ambulances and generators used to provide power; rebuilding cities and huge resources to manage refugees. The Ukraine war alone could represent decades of car pollution.  The Military Industrial complex does not care about the carbon footprint; they are the real enemy of the planet. It’s difficult to shoot a gun without a bullet or a missile or bomb without a warhead. Dismantle the Military Industrial complex and fix three issues in one go; end war, save lives and reduce carbon footprint. This would also have the additional benefit of reducing global corruption. So, who can do this? Unfortunately, the only mechanism is the United Nations, but they have been toothless in most wars.  NONPOL would bring the UN to task or initiate a better global organisation to dismantle the Military Industrial complex.