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Youth Clubs (Video Transcript)

Youth clubs

Due to budget cuts and higher local priorities, the youth of Stratford seem to suffer on evenings. I would look to introduce a major youth club scheme, with a goal to introduce a youth club in each ward. When I was young I used to go to the COOP club, which was sponsored by the COOP and held above COOP shops. It was great fun and I have fond memories, but this was way back in the sixties.  As most schools or church halls are empty at night, there is plenty of locations to run them from.


I would look for major Brands like Morrisons, B&Q, M&S, Sainsbury’s, Tesco etc to sponsor each club and for each club to compete in competitions with each other in such things like football, table tennis, pickleball and many more sports. It effectively would be brands against each other, which would encourage the brands to invest more in their youth club. More importantly I would encourage real activities that young people would be interested in such as;

graffiti art training, with winners of competitions being commissioned to create murals around Stratford;

online games such as Fortnite or FIFA, again having inter club competitions,

robot wars, where parents can join in for clubs to build their robot to participate in local robot wars,

I would encourage music groups and run battle of the bands,

there would be a dragon’s den for people to come up with good ideas,

there would be film making activities so we could run a film festival

there would be an investment competition where the youth could have virtual money to paper trade on the stock markets,

there would be science competitions between the clubs,

I would run fashions shows where young people could design and make fashion for a professional fashion show, 

we would run portrait artist of the year and many more activities that young people really want to do.

The youth clubs would be three times week and young people would be excited to attend. Besides all the exciting activities, each club would have a mental health professional first aid professional as well as specialist in each activity. The youth club would also be used help young people take their driving test theory, learn about cyber security and other key things to help them cope with life, such as learning about mortgages, credit cards and pensions.

With these clubs being funded by brand names there would only need to be a minimum entry fee per evening, such as £1. We need to engage the youth of today and also to recognise the huge talent within our youth. Besides Stratford, this model would work throughout the UK.