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We are unofficially at war with Russia - How to survive nuclear war

We are unofficially at war with Russia

According to MP Andrew Bridgen we are currently unofficially at war with Russia. This month Russia launched a military satellite to get the evidence it needs to attack the west, probably with nuclear weapons. With 255 nukes in the UK and USA moving nukes into Lakenheath, the UK is now a prime nuclear target and millions of us could die, with the US just getting fatter and fatter. With Gaza, Ukraine, Yemen, Iran, Taiwan, North Korean the world, and the Military Industrial Complex, is on a military footing and one bad move in this global chess game could kill millions of Brits, the people I care most about. As per our new video at NONPOL, I recommend UK withdraw from NATO, uncouple the military relationship with the USA, pull all our troops home and like Switzerland declare neutrality. There is no other option. We then need to get more countries to declare neutrality and create a peace alliance that can apply INSTANT and crippling economic, military and trade sanctions on any war zone. I would reverse the money we are spending on the current Trident Nuclear deterrent and like Israel, build Iron Domes over our major cities and key infrastructure. Blink and it could be too late.

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