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Transgenderism - the root cause


A person’s biological sex is based on chromosomes, not disputable. A person’s gender is based on emotions, psychological chemistry and hormones. When their gender does not match their birth sex we have Gender Dysphoria, which is a very real and now common condition. This condition has sky rocked over the last 2 decades, with 65% of transgender individuals being male at birth. We finally have a study to suggest what is causing this increase. Micro plastics in our water, the chemicals in fertilizers and the components of modern medicine are poisoning all of us, particularly the young. Specifically, the Phthalates found in these chemicals are endocrine disrupters, which in layman’s terms means Phthalates infiltrating a male embryo via the blood in a pregnant woman inhibits testosterone production and increases estrogen, the female hormone. This can be directly linked to Gender Dysphoria. These pollutants are also causing more miscarriages and hugely reducing sperm count in mature males. We are effectively polluting our species into extinction. From a social perspective, NONPOL believes every human is sacred, so someone with Gender Dysphoria should have equal rights like everybody else. We need to understand their situation and treat and support them in any way we would the next person. HOWEVER, they should have equal rights and not SPECIAL rights. No minority group is entitled to SPECIAL rights. This growing minority should be open to fair and respectable discussion and not weaponise their cause to enforce bizarre gender pronouns or flawed sexual education in our schools.

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