First UK Non-Political Party

The Most Frightening War

(Video Transcript)

The Most Frightening War.

It is likely we have passed the tipping point on the environment and are now at war with our planet. The ever-increasing storms and freak weather are the planet reacting to the presence of the human race. The Gaia hypothesis infers the planet is an organism and currently the human race has infected this organism, and the planet is trying to purge us, as any good organism does. We cannot beat nature; you cannot negotiate with the planet. Currently you can’t negotiate with Netanyahu but in time he will die or soften, the planet won’t. The naïve statement of ‘Save our planet’ is for the woke delusionists, the planet will survive until the sun expands or another cosmic event and does not need saving. The planet has purged before, when its atmosphere became poisoned by oxygen, killing off all the non-oxygen reliant species on its surface. With the planet currently purging again it is not the planet at risk but the human race. If we have passed the tipping point, something we no longer have control of, we have 2 options for survival and that does not include the stupid idea of Net Zero. We need to find a way of dealing with our new harsh environment, as the survivors of the ice age did. We also need to support people like Musk and become an inter planetary species. With the limits of financial resources of our economies and the blindness of the fundamental environmentalists, every pound spent on Net Zero is buying another nail in our coffin. NONPOL does have the answer, but nobody is brave enough to ask because the environmentalist lobby is too strong to challenge.