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The Gaza war - Not our war!

The Gaza war

How can we take a side when the UK has Jews, Palestinians and Muslims living amongst us. There is only one side we can take and that is the side of humanity. Too much blood has been spilt and this needs to stop immediately. I would recommend that all support, humanitarian or military, be withdrawn from the whole region and we beg our allies to do the same. The Jewish and Muslim fraternities around the world, as well as charities, are able to amass huge resources, which they will not do while they know the western world will give them aid and arms, either out of a guilty conscience, back-room promises or the greed of future favours. NONPOL wants to halt UK taxpayers’ money from being thrown at wars that are not ours. NONPOL would put huge pressure on the United Nations to take concrete actions, not toothless words. The unspoken issue here, like all wars, is that military conflict is funding the Military Industrial Complex, which feeds the pockets of the arms makers and keeps the US economy buoyant, when the dollar should be worthless.

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