The Economy


Most political parties make promises of what they would do when they get into power. Most of these promises are not support by the funding required to pay for their promises. We at NONPOL will state where we will receive the funds to pay for all our projects. The economy is for the benefit of the person on the street and in this 21stcentury there should be no poverty. All our initiatives are aimed at optimizing the distribution and collection of wealth, but this with a view to those or work the hardest or are the brightest will be rewarded more than the lazy and uninspired person on the street. We will receive funding from some of our unique and original initiatives. Here are some examples of these initiatives:

1. Full employment –We will encourage, with incentives and benefits, a 24/7 society. With the Internet, global financial markets and a 24/7 global economy we will get the UK to be the first country to officially become a 24 x 7 x 365 economy. This already exists in a few places, like supermarkets and University libraries, but our goal will be for EVERY business to be 24 x 7 x365. This will not only lead to full employment of the UK, which will hugely reduce unemployment benefits, it will increase GDP, personal wealth and increase tax revenues. In time we would like full employment on a four-day week. This will give an extra day for people to invest their wealth into recreation and leisure activities.

2. Benefits are not for free –Benefits, particularly unemploymentbenefit, will no longer be free, they will go on to the individuals tax account and will be retrieved similar to the way student loans are recovered. There will of course be exceptions, but this will bring huge income back into the treasury and also incentivise people to become employed. With remote working and Zoom, house-bound people, such as mothers and wheelchair bound people, will be able to work from home and build for their career.

3. Remove VAT –there is a lot of VAT fraud and a huge cost to maintainVAT systems. This will decrease prices to the consumer, who will now spend more and again push GDP and overall national wealth.

4. Change tax rules –Companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook will no longer evade tax through clever accounting. All companies with a global turnover of more than £5 Billion will be categorized as a Super company. If a super company have a presence in the UK they will have a direct tax bill based on the size of their workforce and property, not their accounting. All companies where their amount of tax paid is less than 10% of their turnover will be investigated for how they are paying so little tax.

5. Tax rates –The allowance before tax is taken from a worker will increase to £25,000 so that the low earners have more available income.There will be a single tax rate, so that those who create a lot of wealth will not be penalized. This will attract high-earners to the UK and incentivise hard workers.

6. Inheritance tax –This will be revisited, however anyone who dies that has a debt in their tax account with the government, this debt will be paid before their assets go for probate.

7. No freebies –Any money that is paid out by the Treasury will be analysed to look at how this money can be recouped, except where that money is used to improve or support the economy. Here are some examples:

  • a. Prison is not for free –There will be the cost of a 24 hour stay in prison. Each prisoner, upon release, will have a bill that needs to be paid similar to the student loan system. Long term prisoners will earn their costs through work in prison with new work programmes that will increase prison revenue. The prison workforce will become a revenue stream. New prisoners will have their assets frozen and liquidated to pay for their stay. There will also be a total reformation of the prison system, see our manifesto on Police, Justice and Systems.
  • b. Foreign Aid –All aid will be issued as debt which will be repayable once the foreign entity has achieved financial stability. The debt will be underwritten by materialassets of the country, such as buildings, art and other valuable assets.
  • c. Military support –Outside of Nato commitments, all military support will be provided in a similar way to Foreign aid.
  • d. Social conduct –Where people create social disorder, they willincur additional financial debt on their tax account. Where people have a good social record and add to the society, they will receive credits into their tax account. See more about social incentive initiatives under the Social Responsibility part of our manifesto.
  • e. Fraud –Any form of fraud will be dealt with very severely and financial penalties will be crippling.

These are just some of the initiatives of NONPOL on how to boost the economy to pay for all our other initiatives. For more details on the numbers and other financial initiatives, become a member of NONPOL to have access to this information.