The Difficult Question Everyone Is Afraid To Ask.

Since day one of the pandemic, our government and world media have consistently reported COVID-19 deaths using the statistic ‘deaths within 28 days of a positive test’, without ever revealing how many of these individuals died of COVID-19 as the primary cause. Looking into statistics published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), other phrases used to report COVID-19 deaths include: ‘Deaths involving COVID-19 (any mention on death certificate)’ and ‘Deaths due to COVID-19 (underlying cause)’. These phrases may sound very similar but mean something entirely different than ‘Deaths due to COVID-19 as the primary cause’, however, these are the statistics that we see plastered all over TV screens and print media. Using this logic means that, essentially, if you test positive for COVID-19 on January 1st and die of an unrelated heart attack on January 2nd, your death is logged as COVID-related. To say the least, this particularly selective use of phrases and statistics comes across as misleading and raises significant questions regarding the validity of information given to the public and the intent of our government.

The question we find no one asking is: ‘How many people have died as a result of the vaccine/booster?’. So far, we haven’t seen a single news publication report the more risky and unknown effects of the vaccine, regardless of the fact that we know there is significant cause for concern – for example, the 75 athletes that collapsed or passed away due to heart complications mid-game after getting their vaccination. We, however, are not afraid to ask this question at all. Yesterday (Thursday 30th December 2021), we submitted a Freedom of Information Request to the ONS regarding the number of deaths within 28 days of a COVID-19 vaccination or a booster, between the time frame of 25th December 2020 and 25th December 2021. 

It’s vital for true democracy that the information we receive from our government truly reflects what’s going on in reality. The public demanded to know how many people were dying of COVID-19 and we’re given carefully-worded statistics that, if anything, only dodges our questions. We, as a country, deserve better than this. 

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