The Broken Generation


Although there are exceptions in any group, generally the current generation is broken. It does not have the backbone of previous generations; it lacks grit and determination and has little focus or direction in taking the reins of their future or the future success of the UK. They expect things to just happen and that they be the beneficiaries of other people’s success, without the blood sweat and tears previous generations have endured. In fact, this generation has a soft underbelly, quaintly called the ‘snowflake’ generation, making it vulnerable to modern enemies such as fundamentalism, political fanatics, fringe ideologists, social media icons, blame culture, reality TV fame, Woke indoctrination, political correctness, fake news, virtue signaling, cancel culture, big data, big tech, big pharma and a toxic and polarised political landscape. Some of these evils have existed in previous generations, but this generation has it all and more and with huge levels of intensity dumped on them without choice or voice. If we are thrown into war, as is possible because of the Ukraine or any other country in the EU that we have a quarrel with such as France, could this generation fight in the trenches to save our country, very doubtful. Although their hearts may be in the right place their heads are turned and filled with so much noise, distraction and confusion. This generation was born with a smart phone in their hand and a earphone in their ear. They are isolated and lack face to face social skills because they are controlled by social media and big tech. Because of Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube and Spotify they expect everything for free. Few read real books, substituting a Youtube video or an online game for a book. They are lazy, lack respect and discipline and have a weak morale compass due to the dilution of Christian teachings from their parents. This generation is easily to manipulate, control and polarize. Why is this? Social media and social movements promote further separation rather than unification. They are sexually confused now that they have 45 gender pronouns to choose from, politically controlled through Buzzfeed, twitter and the Woke narrative and agenda, as well as having to process more data than any other generation, most of which they don’t know whether to trust or ignore and are too lazy to research themselves. With these constant external pressures, they turn to their protective electronic bubble where they can be anonymous online under bizarre avatar handles to react, bully and attack any person or comment without risk of reprisals as they are the anonymous and faceless generation.  They are the richest generation in history and can buy mobile phones that cost over a £1000, which they then replace every 2 years. They are a wasteful and disposable generation that have not being held to account.     

The worst side effect of this generation, and the real reason for this article, is that this is the generation where mental illness is at epidemic levels, especially for young women and is getting worse. This generation are broken because they are the victims of the confused, overpowering, aggressive and challenging world they live in; their senses are continually bombarded from every direction. If things don’t change, they will be the generation that lives with the impacts of climate change, the collapse of the monetary system, the economic and political dominance of the China, Cyber and terrestrial wars and the many political activists that will limit free speech and the ability to fight for future freedoms.  Furthermore, on the horizon we have the Metaverse coming from Facebook, something the UK government will have no control over.       

When this broken generation, with its growing mentally illness and growing challenging and negative world, have the Facebook Metaverse they will have a sanctuary to run to away from reality and lose themselves in a virtual world, effectively the end of this generation and their children. 

The UK is in a tragic situation because we know this generation has the ability to be the most productive and effective generation than any before, because they are brighter and have the advantage of instant and comprehensive knowledge, unlike any previous generation.   


It will be very hard to turn the tide and fix this generation and only radical, strict and timely action can do this. There is no magic pill or simple or comfortable approach to this but here at NONPOL we have a proposal that could do this within the next 10 years, before it is too late.