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The Bridge in Stratford (Video Transcript)

The Bridge in Stratford.

We all know the river bridge in Stratford causes major traffic issues and over time will be so worn that it may not function properly. The pollution from the congestion of large diesel vehicles is also causing pollution and poisoning our children. Recent crashes have closed the bridge for days and hugely affected the local economy and also the tourists. Many ideas to fix this have not materialised for what ever reason, mainly because of dissenters or political posturing against each idea. The time has come to introduce common sense and quieten the nay-sayers. The prosperity of Stratford is for future generations, not the current ridged objectionist brigade or the controlled powerful elite. Having lived in Germany, Switzerland and Austria I know how these nations are more efficient with their roads than us. There is enough greenery either side of Stratford to allow a 1-mile tunnel to go under the city and the river. In the US the Boring company are current testing this approach.  This tunnel would have a simple and cheap toll, such as £2 each way using ANPR technology like the Dartford tunnel, however because of ANPR we can make it free to residents.  Also, any HGV traffic coming through the town must pay a congestion charge in order to try and reduce congestion and pollution. The revenues from the HGV congestion charge and the tunnel toll would fund the project, with a view to start making a profit for the town within 15 years.