1. Natural Causes of Climate Change

Reference 1 – Quanta Magazine article detailing natural causes of climate change

Reference 2 – BGS (British Geological Survey) article about causes of climate change

Reference 3 –  Publication regarding causes and evidence of climate change (2020) by The Royal Society. 

Reference 4 – Fifth assessment report by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) investigating science basis for climate change

Reference 5 –  Assessment of climate change causes by the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency)

Reference 6 – Harvard research paper regarding Gaia Hypothesis

Reference 7 – Science Direct overview on Gaia Hypothesis

Reference 8 – Overview by Science Direct on the Glacial-Interglacial Cycle (Milankovitch Cycles)

Reference 9 – Journal of Climatology study on Milankovitch cycles, solar activity and CO2

Reference 10 – NASA review of Milankovitch Cycles

Reference 11 – Research article posted by AGU Publications on the MECO 

Reference 12 – Research paper released by PubMed investigating methane reserves under Antarctic sheet

Reference 13 – News article published by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) detailing GHG emissions caused by livestock

2. Previous Mass Extinctions

Reference 1 – ThoughtCo article on Earth’s 5 mass extinctions

Reference 2 – World Atlas timeline of 5 mass extinctions

3. Earth's Climate Change Cycles

Reference 3 – Article written by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) about Earth’s natural climate cycles

Reference 4 – Article written by The Human Origin Project about Earth’s cyclical ice ages 

See previous links about Milankovitch Cycles 

4. Melting of Antarctic/Arctic Ice Caps

Reference 1 – Examination of Arctic ice caps melting published by Scientific American

Reference 2 – Article discussing the melting of polar ice caps, published by Discover Magazine

5. Antarctica Without Ice

Reference 1 – Article by National Geographic displaying what the world would look like without ice 

Reference 2 – Article by National Geographic discussing land mass underneath the Antarctic sheet 

Reference 3 – Live Science article discussing what Antarctica looked like before the Ice Age

Reference 4 – Guardian interview with Prof. Jane Francis regarding pre-Ice Age Antarctica