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Stratford on Avon

Neil O’Neil is the NONPOL candidate for the Stratford on Avon constituency in the next General Election on 04 July.  He will be visiting all key towns in the constituency for you to ask questions, see calendar dates at the bottom. Below are a number of videos on some of the items he wants to fix in your area, feel free to vote on the ones you like. He wants to hear from you on where NONPOL can support you, the Residents, and how we can get things done, from potholes to planning applications.  If you have a question, complete the form below and he will answer you personally. Below he introduces himself and offers a challenge to you.

Election Tour Dates






Napton Hall, Napton on the Hill (Nr Southam)



One Elm Barn, Guild Street, Stratford-on-Avon



Wootton Wawen Village Hall



Townsend Hall, Shipston on Stour



Wellesbourne Village Hall



Kineton Village Hall



Welford Memorial Hall

I challenge you to Vote

In most elections between 30% and 40% of people do not vote, often giving the following reasons:

       1. They are all as bad as each other.
       2. My one vote won’t make a difference.
       3. My candidate or party has no chance.
       4. I can’t be bothered.
       5. I don’t have time to read all the manifestos.
       6. I don’t trust any of them.

If you use one of these reasons, you have more power than you think. You are called the ‘Silent Majority’ and have the power to change Governments. Of people who do vote, most of them know who they will vote for, Red, Blue, Green or Gold. However, the winner normally wins with about 30% of those eligible to vote. Therefore the ‘Silent Majority’ CAN make a difference. I want to challenge you all in Stratford to do something no other constituency has ever achieved. Let’s get the highest turnout in the history of any UK election and get over 90% turnout – the last election highest was in Dumbarton (80.3 %), the lowest in Kingston (49.3%). Getting over 90% would show the real voice of the Stratford constituents, not the usual minority that have continually failed us. Ideally I would like you to vote NONPOL (Black and White), but if I can get Stratford to get a record turnout, then I see that as a victory. I am particularly reaching out to you young people who have never voted before, let’s get Stratford on the map!  Let’s show we do care.

Let me introduce myself

Hi, my name is Neil O’Neil, and I will be standing in the Stratford upon Avon constituency at the next general election for the New Open Non-Political Organised Leadership Party, also known as NONPOL. We are the first formal Non-political Party in the UK and if you want to see what non-political means watch the short video on our home page at It is easy to remember, None Political equals Our headquarters are based here in Stratford upon Avon.
I have lived in the Stratford area for around 7 years and expect to live here for the rest of my life, so Stratford means a lot to me, both now and in the future. Stratford is a fantastic place to live and is seen as one of the most popular towns in the UK for tourists. Besides interest in Mr. Shakespeare, our markets and fairs attract people from all over the world and new projects, like the Marina, are making Stratford more attractive, but we can always do better. I believe Stratford spends too much money and effort on pleasing the tourists and not enough on the local residents. As a Stratford resident I receive very little information from the council or other bodies on projects that directly support residents, and this is one of the reasons I am standing at the next election. However, many of the issues I see in Stratford are common throughout the UK and some of the Nationwide issues, such as Immigration, Education, Health, Foreign Aid and the Economy have a direct and indirect impact on Stratford and for this reason I have set up the NONPOL party here in Stratford.  

I was educated at King Edwards, have been in two wars, lived and worked in five countries with most of my children now living abroad, so I understand where we do things well in the UK and where things are done better elsewhere. I truly have a worldly vision and want the UK to be best of breed in all areas but more importantly I want to bring happiness and joy back to people’s faces and lives. There is too much negativity around as we are pitted against each other and although we are in the best of times we are also in the worst. Each generation walks into more materiality, more opportunities, and more excitement but at the same time the mine field of life is faster, harder and darker, as mental health is already the hidden pandemic we are not addressing. I am not a politician and in this world of Bollotics, I think there is a good opportunity for an outsider to bring change. Rather than be a politician I want to become a change agent. I am not owned or controlled by anyone nationally or internationally, I oppose globalization and will fight to keep our freedom of speech, which I believe is the biggest threat to the western world. The second biggest threat is a 3rd world war and nuclear casualties in the UK, see our video on our home page on how to avoid this. I work together with the Freedom Front, see to raise awareness on issues hidden from the public. As a polymath, I can think outside of the box and come up not only with radical but common-sense ideas, but also how I can fund them. NONPOL has an extensive UK wide manifesto but if you want to see what I want to do for Stratford, see my personal videos below and keep a look out for my public meetings in your area.

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Repurposing Vacant Properties

For the 7 years I have now lived in Stratford upon Avon I am dismayed that I see so many unused properties. Good properties in prime locations that have sat vacant for years. It seems the council are doing nothing about it or do not have the power to do anything about it. I also see this in other areas around the country, such as in Blackpool where beautiful old nostalgic properties are left to rot away. Something has to change, and I suspect it will need a change in the law, which is where, as a politician if I represent you, I can bring a new law to the house of commons. I would like to use Stratford upon Avon as a test constituency to get all vacant properties repurposed for the local community. Here is my approach: If a property is left vacant for more than one year and does not have an active development project running, it can be repurposed by the local community to benefit the community. I would set up an elected local committee made up of residents and not the council. These residents would not be connected in any way to developers or property companies, with their key objective to support the community and not to make profit on the property. Each repurposed property would have a lease for 5 years, with a minimal rent paid to the owner. If the property is used for commercial purposes, it would be rates free. After 5 years the owner can decide to take the property back if they have a plan to use the property appropriately and pays for all the improvement costs spent on the property. If they don’t take this option a further 5-year lease is issued, & the cycle continues. Once a property has been identified, people will be invited to submit a proposal for the properties use, including how it will be funded. Each proposal will be reviewed by the committee and if appropriate to the community, put up for the residents to vote on. Projects would be to support local housing needs, youth development, rehabilitation and mental health support, tourism, small businesses, or regeneration of areas. Besides getting this working for the Stratford upon Avon constituency it would work well throughout the whole country.

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Potholes Over Cycle Paths

How on earth can the highways team at Warwickshire county council build expensive cycle paths leading out of Stratford and not fix potholes? Potholes are now so bad, besides wrecking the suspensions on cars, people drive around them to avoid wrecking their car which leads to accidents. Car accidents lead to deaths, so now potholes are becoming a risk to life. If I am elected and there is one death in the Stratford constituency attributed to potholes, I will hold the Warwickshire county council to account under the 1980 Highways Act, especially as they appear to have prioritised the cycle paths over potholes. Pothole fixing is a national wide issue but in a tourist town like Stratford, it affects the tourists as much as the residents. I recommend everybody in the Stratford Constituency report every pothole to the Warwickshire County Council pothole team, go to, as they have a statutory obligation to repair them. If Stratford were able to get recognised as a pothole free town, it would attract more tourists in their cars, where we can generate additional revenue from parking. NONPOL would give all Stratford residents free parking and increase tourist parking by 30% to pay for the locals free parking. Also to raise money to fix the potholes and an ongoing maintenance plan to stop them coming back, we would introduce a tourist tax for overnight stays in our hotels, as they do in other tourist cities in Europe. This would be a 2-tier system, such as £1 per night for UK passport holders and £2 per night for non-UK passport holders. Once all potholes are fixed, this tourist tax would be spent improving Stratford for Tourists and residents.

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The Bridge in Stratford

We all know the river bridge in Stratford causes major traffic issues and over time will be so worn that it may not function properly. The particulates created from the congestion of large diesel vehicles is also causing pollution and poisoning our children. Recent crashes have closed the bridge for days and hugely affected the local economy and the tourists. Many ideas to fix this have not materialised for whatever reason, mainly because of dissenters or political posturing against each idea. The time has come to introduce common sense and quieten the nay-sayers. The prosperity of Stratford is for future generations, not the current objectionist brigade or the controlled powerful elite. Having lived in Germany, Switzerland and Austria I know how these nations are more efficient with their roads than us. There is enough greenery either side of Stratford to allow a 1-mile tunnel to go under the city and the river. In the US the Boring company are currently testing this approach. This tunnel would have a simple and cheap toll, such as 2 pounds each way using ANPR technology like the Dartford tunnel, however because of ANPR we can make it free to residents. Also, any HGV traffic coming through the town must pay a congestion charge in order to try and reduce congestion and pollution. The revenues from the HGV congestion charge and the tunnel toll would fund the project, with a view to start making a profit for the town within 15 years.

More importantly, if elected, Neil would spend 4 days per week representing Stratford in Parliament, and at the national level here are some of the bigger issues he would be fighjting for:

  • Controlling immigration and the cost and impact of it on local communities. We should always house veterans and the homeless before immigrants. Willing immigrants can become a large work force to build their own homes in the UK and then pay back all of the costs to support them through their tax code.
  • Stop sending taxpayers money abroad to Ukraine, Israel or funding proxy wars – taxpayers’ money is for UK citizens not for foreign aid or long term 3rd world poverty. Charity groups already do a fantastic job.
  • Teachers have too much time off and after national lockdowns our kids need to catch up with their lost education. The curriculum is being run by the nanny state and needs to be more focused on how to live and survive in this world, not on useless subjects. We would have every student pass their driving theory test in school, learn about how finance and credit work, learn your rights, understand cyber essentials and risks of social media and grooming, understand how to protect your data, understand the basic of society law. School is not the place for Gender related issue. Family and community trained professionals should deal with this.
  • Net zero is pointless and we need to stop bashing the motorist. War creates a much larger carbon footprint than motorists, so when wars stop, we can look at the motorist. We will remove 20mph speed limits, increase limit to 80 mph on motorways like the rest of Europe and remove ULEZ zones. Support, not punish, the motorist they are the life blood of the economy.
  • Motor scooter drivers and cyclists that deliver food MUST have a delivery permit, full license and insurance for deliveries.
  • We would remove VAT and give everyone a 20% pay increase instantly, once replacement thresholds are met. We will generate the revenues to replace VAT as follows.
  • All road tax collected in 2024 would be used to fixing ALL potholes in our roads. No more new roads until all current roads are fixed. Let’s have the best, not the worst, roads in Europe.
  • Losing your freedom of speech (let’s not become another Scotland). Vaccines do cause harm and we are entitled to challenge the Government and big Pharma without being cancelled. See
  • Protect every UK citizens rights, freedom and future against unelected global organisations like World Economic Forum (WEF) and World Health Organisation (WHO).

These are just a few of things we can represent Stratford in if Neil gets elected. See NONPOL's full manifesto for other issues. If you have ideas or suggestions on what you want done in and around Stratford then ask a question below. Neil will answer every question.

Neil Speaking at the Freedom Rally in Leicester

Unplanned live stream after the Leicester event

Part 1

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