First UK Non-Political Party

How to replace the revenue of VAT income

  1. Save the cost of running the VAT scheme – costs millions
  2. Save the costs of business refunds of VAT – costs millions
  3. Save the visitors to UK refund scheme – costs millions
  4. Save the investigation and litigation costs from VAT frauds – costs millions
  5. The cost to businesses complying with VAT costs millions, so corporation tax can go up 1% to allow for company savings of not complying with VAT.
  6. A dog license fee, relatively small, and insurance for all outdoor dogs. Government to provide the insurance under white label, to keep revenues.
  7. All bicycles on a public road must has a number plate, license, MOT and insurance. Cyclist must have passed a test prior to riding on public road. This includes e-bikes.
  8. All vehicles on public road, especially scooters, cannot have an ‘L’ plate – they must pass a test before going on a public road. We would set up more test centres for taking tests, a major revenue stream, but also keeps the road safe.
  9. Permit for all deliveries car, van, scooter and bicycle which must be supported by appropriate insurance. We would white label this insurance for another revenue stream. Besides more revenue this will also make our roads much safer.
  10. Legalise cannabis but only sold through NHS approved chemist and produced by NHS. Treat cannabis the same way we treat alcohol but all through NHS to optimize revenue streams.
  11. A driving test every 5 years for those over 65 years old.