Religion is a difficult subject, but with more than 8 in 10 people identifying with a religions group, it is a critical part of our society and day to day life. It has also caused the most damage to societies since time began. In 2010 the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public life estimates that Christianity was the most followed religion, with 31.5% of the world’s population, followed in second place by Islam, with 23.2%. Religion is now part of the political landscape as countries around the world identify themselves with a religion the majority of the country follows. For example, everyone in Vatican City are Christians and 98% of Romanians are Christians. In Israel the around 75% of the population are Jewish and in Afghanistan it is around 99% Muslim. The religious identity of a country hugely affects it government, its population, its moral compass and therefore it’s stability. The UK is 49% irreligious and has entered a period of post-Christianity. This makes our population divided and potentially a non-religious country. There is also a trend for young people to not be interested in religion. If this continues, in three or four generation the UK will have no religious identity to bases its moral code on, which means growing religions such a Islam and Buddhism could become the dominant religion in the UK, which could have significant impact to our society and the English way of life. At NONPOL we believe that the countries moral identity and freedom of equal rights, both for male and female, is very important to our future generations.

The UK also has a political system that is designed so that external political ideals, such as communism, can take us over. If more than 50% of our politicians are, or become, communists, we will automatically become a communist regime and we can do nothing about it as our system will give them controlling political power. Our current political and religious status make the UK very vulnerable and easy for external influences to divide us and set us against each other. NONPOL would ensure that our constitution would identify our country as a Christian and democratic country based on the Christian moral code and the law of democracy. We would ensure that we remain Christian neutral, so that no one Christian community, such as Catholic, Protestant and Anglican or C of E, could control the customs and identity of the country as a whole. NONPOL would align the UK to be similar to the United States which is 71% Christian. Our countries Christian identity would not be based on historical divinity but on a Christian type moral code that a typical British person would deem fair and acceptable. It is very important to formalize the British identity so that international stages understand our history and culture and our ideals going forward. As a country we should be religiously tolerant but with a firm moral identity that is written into our constitution to ensure that other radical regimes cannot take over and control our citizens, our culture or our future. Fortunately, the world is made up of many cultures and beliefs and we believe each nation should maintain and protect their cultural identity so that we have a diverse world.