"COP26 Is Not The Disaster You Think It Is"

1. Cost of COP26 and Climate Funding

Reference 1 – Final Report on Net Zero Strategy by HM Treasury

Reference 2 – Article by Concern Worldwide regarding the $100bn/year pledge

Reference 3 – Press Release by the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Reference 4 – Legal Briefing by Travers Smith regarding the 2021 Net Zero Strategy

Reference 5 – Transcript of Prince Charles’ speech at COP26

2. Use of 'Climate Change' rather than 'Global Warming'

Reference 1 – Article by Energy and Capital detailing the change in terms

Reference 2NASA report on climate change vs global warming

Reference 3NASA article discussing change of terms

3. Fossil fuels contribution to Human evolution

Reference 1 – Essay by National Vanguard regarding energy and Human evolution

Reference 2 – Research essay by Bartleby Research about the effect of CO2 on Human evolution

4. Role of Methane in climate change

Reference 1IEA (International Energy Agency) 2021 report on the effect of Methane relating to climate change

Reference 2Conserve Energy Future analysis of Methane’s effects, uses and sources

Reference 3ESSD (Earth System Science Data) Article – Global Methane Budget

Reference 4One Green Planet article comparing Methane to CO2

Reference 5CLEAR (Clarity and Leadership for Environmental Awareness and Research) article regarding cattle-caused methane

5. Horse meat vs Bovine meat

Reference 1 – Comparison of beef and horse meat by Foodstruct

Reference 2 – Article by The Guardian comparing sustainability of Horse meat vs beef

Reference 3 – Study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information comparing nutritional characteristics of beef and pork to Horse meat

Reference 4 – Article by Consume Less Life about lab-grown meat alternatives

Reference 5 – Study by Oxford Academic about horse meat production in Spain

"How to Survive Climate Change - Part 1"

1. Natural Causes of Climate Change

Reference 1Quanta Magazine article detailing natural causes of climate change

Reference 2BGS (British Geological Survey) article about causes of climate change

Reference 3 –  Publication regarding causes and evidence of climate change (2020) by The Royal Society. 

Reference 4 – Fifth assessment report by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) investigating science basis for climate change

Reference 5 –  Assessment of climate change causes by the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency)

Reference 6Harvard research paper regarding Gaia Hypothesis

Reference 7Science Direct overview on Gaia Hypothesis

Reference 8 – Overview by Science Direct on the Glacial-Interglacial Cycle (Milankovitch Cycles)

Reference 9Journal of Climatology study on Milankovitch cycles, solar activity and CO2

Reference 10NASA review of Milankovitch Cycles

Reference 11 – Research article posted by AGU Publications on the MECO 

Reference 12 – Research paper released by PubMed investigating methane reserves under Antarctic sheet

Reference 13 – News article published by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) detailing GHG emissions caused by livestock

2. Previous mass extinctions

Reference 1 – ThoughtCo article on Earth’s 5 mass extinctions

Reference 2 – World Atlas timeline of 5 mass extinctions

3. Earth's climate change cycles

Reference 3 – Article written by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) about Earth’s natural climate cycles

Reference 4 – Article written by The Human Origin Project about Earth’s cyclical ice ages 

See previous links about Milankovitch Cycles 

4. Melting of Antarctic/Arctic Ice

Reference 1 – Examination of Arctic ice caps melting published by Scientific American

Reference 2 – Article discussing the melting of polar ice caps, published by Discover Magazine

5. Antarctica without ice

Reference 1 – Article by National Geographic displaying what the world would look like without ice 

Reference 2 – Article by National Geographic discussing land mass underneath the Antarctic sheet 

Reference 3 – Live Science article discussing what Antarctica looked like before the Ice Age

Reference 4 – Guardian interview with Prof. Jane Francis regarding pre-Ice Age Antarctica 

"How To Survive Climate Change - Part 2"

1. 2006 & 2007 River Avon floods in Stratford-upon-Avon

Reference 1BBC News report on the River Avon flood in 2007.

Reference 2Environment Agency report regarding historic flooding in Warwickshire (Page 3)

Reference 3Baca statement regarding the building of flood-resilient housing after the 2007 and 2008 floodings 

2. Sea level rise predictions

Reference 1NASA article discussing current sea-level rise projections for year 2,100

Reference article discussing sea level rise and future predictions 

3. Forest fire prevention

Reference 1One Tree Planted easy precautions for reducing forest fires

Reference 2Rayonier article explaining forest management’s role in preventing forest fires

Reference 3Waldwissen article discussing forest fires in Germany