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Pot holes over cycle paths (Video Transcript)

Potholes over cycle Paths

How on earth can Stratford upon Avon council build expensive cycle paths and not fix potholes? Potholes are now so bad, besides wrecking the suspensions on cars, people drive around them to avoid wrecking their car which leads to accidents. Car accidents lead to deaths, so now potholes are becoming a risk to lives. If I am elected and there is one death in the Stratford constituency attributed to potholes, I will litigate the council under Gross Negligent Manslaughter, especially as they have prioritised the cycle paths over potholes. Pothole fixing is a national wide issue but in a tourist town like Stratford, it affects the tourists as much as the residents. If Stratford were able to get recognised as a pothole free town, it would attract more tourists in their cars, where we can generate additional revenue from parking. NONPOL would give all Stratford residents free parking and increase tourist parking by 30% to pay for the locals free parking. Also to raise money to fix the potholes and an ongoing maintenance plan to stop them coming back, we would introduce a tourist tax for overnight stays in our hotels, as they do in other tourist cities in Europe. This would be a 2-tier system, such as £1 per night for UK passport holders and £2 per night for non-UK passport holders.