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Pollution - how to turn into revenue stream


Robert F Kennedy Jr sued the largest corporations in the US for billions of dollars for their pollution of the Hudson River. It was so polluted from the paint companies waste, that it used to catch fire and was dead of wildlife. It is now the cleanest and healthiest river in the US. Fortunately, the level of fines in the UK for pollution of our waterways increased last year per incident from £250,000 to £250 million. As most of our water companies in the UK are owned by large international asset companies (Black Rock, Vanguard Lazard, etc), who have very deep pockets, we need to take the RFK Jr approach and fine these companies billions of pounds until our waterways are fresh and healthy again. NONPOL would put a team together to continually litigate all these companies and get them to pay for the clean-up, not the taxpayer. We would make litigation as easy as a traffic warden issuing parking tickets and turn pollution into a revenue stream. Then turn to the plastic industry!