NONPOL’s First Blog (Surprisingly, about COVID)

When I go into shops, I notice that many people do not wear masks, including the shop workers, even though it is now mandatory. The shopkeepers are not the police and cannot enforce what is now supposed to be mandatory by law. Bus drivers also can’t enforce people wear masks; there is too much risk of violence. I see many people not following the rules, so who gives a shit about Christmas parties? I know many people had Christmas parties last year when they were not supposed to. As for people not being able to visit family in care homes, has nobody read the ONS statistics on care home deaths? The study concludes that it was families going into care homes with the virus that killed hundreds of thousands of old people – what a great Christmas present!

Instead of the Tories Christmas parties taking up hours of news coverage, I would like to hear more about things the news are frightened to say, or whatever they’ve been told not to say, such as 75 athletes having heart attacks after vaccinations, particularly footballers, as we all saw with Erikson in the Euros. Whether it is correct or not, it should be up for discussion. Also, the most trivial of procedures for vaccinations is not being used in the UK. We do not aspirate COVID vaccinations, whereas they do in Denmark. Guess what? There could be evidence that not aspirating is causing vaccine side effects; again an area for more research and discussion. A must see on the topic!