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NET ZERO (short)

Net Zero - short (Video Transcript)

Net Zero.

As the UK only contributes 1 to 2 percent of global greenhouse gases, spending billions to achieve net zero  is committing economic suicide, just to appease the fanatical environmentalists. It will amount to throwing a glass of water on a house fire, a totally pointless and expensive exercise. Net zero in the UK means effect zero. There is no point is even trying to have a debate with the environmentalists as they are like a new religious cult, as described by Michael Crichton.  Nobody is brave enough to point out we have probably passed the tipping point on climate change and no matter how much money, effort or verbalizing we try, we cannot stop climate change. Instead of spending billions in the UK and trillions across the globe, this money should go into preparing for climate change. Only NONPOL are brave enough to recognize this and have come up with an audacious plan to help the UK survive climate change. See more at – UK’s first Non-political party and the only party that will not bow to the environmentalists or woke crusade.