First UK Non-Political Party

Neil O'Neil


If you want just another controlled politician

My name is Neil O'Neil and I am a candidate for the UK's first non-political party called the 'New Open Non-Political Organised Leadership' Party, also known as NONPOL. Everything you need to know about us is in our title. As I am not a politician and our party is not controlled or owned by anyone, we have the latitude to remove all the Bollotics you good people in Stratford have suffered from. We know how your local community has been run down over the years and the power moves in place to strip even more of your opportunities.

Stratford is for tourists, but more importantly it is also for the residents. I will be honest at all times, so will say up front that if I am elected, I can't fix you between now and the general election. What I can do is fully document how bad things are, and create a 'current state' document to share with you. Together we will create a preferred “future state” document and a project plan on how to get there. This will be published for public comment so we can all decide what needs to be done to fix Stratford. You no longer need to be the poor neighbour.

We will not waste time criticising or bashing other parties or individuals, all our effort will be focused on fixing  Stratford. If you have any ideas or any questions about us, fill in the form on the Stratford page at NONPOL, which is where you can also see how we would represent you in Parliament.

Remember, “if you change nothing, nothing will change.”

Campaigning with candidate for Blackpool South