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National Service – the proper way to do it

National Service

Our country is not prepared for war. The world is on the brink of war and we need to train the next generation to protect this country, as we have recently seen how our veterans did. When people finish school at the age of 18, they would commence their MANDATORY national service for 18 months. No matter what your religion, gender, culture or beliefs, our country needs you. If you can’t or don’t want to be in the Army, Navy or Airforce, there are many other areas we need knowledge, experience and support people. War is now in the world of Cyber besides the traditional battle fields. We need huge computer expertise, which is a great place for those in wheelchairs or for pacifists to work. Logistics management and health care also need huge resources. People could choose to work in the NHS, Fire, Ambulance, Prison and Transport services, to be prepared in case of war time but at the same time provide extra resources that these services currently need. Most adults coming out of National Service should be better people and form the future backbone of the United Kingdom. They would also be given their National Insurance number upon completion of National Service.