First UK Non-Political Party


Dear Residents of Blackpool South. If you are on this page, you know Damon Sharp is the NONPOL candidate in the Blackpool South by-election, see official press release HERE. We will also be standing in the general election later in the year, so this page will be open until then. NONPOL is a new party, especially in the Blackpool South area. We want to hear from you on where NONPOL can support you, the Residents, and how we can get things done, from potholes to planning applications. Your councillors are responsible for many of these things in your area and we will work them to get things done. More importantly we want to speak for you in parliament on the bigger issues, such as;

  • Controlling your local immigration and the cost of it on your community. We should always house veterans and the homeless before immigrants. They can become a large work force to build their own homes.
  • Stop sending taxpayers money abroad to Ukraine, Israel or funding proxy wars – taxpayers’ money is for UK citizens not for foreign aid or long term 3rd world poverty. Charity groups already do a fantastic job.
  • Teachers have too much time off and after national lockdowns our kids need to catch up with their lost education. The curriculum is being run by the nanny state and needs to be more focused on how to live and survive in this world, not on useless subjects. We would have every student pass their driving theory test in school, learn about how finance and credit work, learn your rights, understand cyber essentials and risks of social media and grooming, understand how to protect your data, understand the basic of society law. School is not the place for Gender related issue. Family and community trained professionals should deal with this.
  • Net zero is pointless and we need to stop bashing the motorist. War creates a much larger carbon footprint than motorists, so when wars stop, we can look at the motorist. We will remove 20mph speed limits, increase limit to 80 mph on motorways like the rest of Europe and remove ULEZ zones. Support, not punish, the motorist they are the life blood of the economy.
  • Motor scooter drivers and cyclists that deliver food MUST have a delivery permit, full license and insurance for deliveries.
  • We would remove VAT and give everyone a 20% pay increase instantly, once replacement thresholds are met. We will generate the revenues to replace VAT as follows.
  • All road tax collected in 2024 would be used to fixing ALL potholes in our roads. No more new roads until all current roads are fixed. Let’s have the best, not the worst, roads in Europe.
  • Losing your freedom of speech (let’s not become another Scotland). Vaccines do cause harm and we are entitled to challenge the Government and big Pharma without being cancelled. See
  • Protect every UK citizens rights, freedom and future against unelected global organisations like World Economic Forum (WEF) and World Health Organisation (WHO).

We manage a private online forum (through an APP or website) where you can post questions, discuss issues with other people in Blackpool South, submit proposals and comments on our plans and ideas. It is only for the people of Blackpool South, so provide your details below and we will send you an invite and link - it is very simple to use. We will check you against the Electoral register to ensure this is only for people in Blackpool South. Even after the by-election we can still discuss things, ready for the general election. Make your voice heard.