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Loss of Freedom of speech – Biggest risk to the western world

Loss of Freedom of speech

If they can kick Trump off Twitter, then that can silence anyone! It is critical that we have the freedom to say what we think, as long as it is within the law. It is the voices of brave people that have advanced the human race. Those in power want to remain in power and try to crush anyone with a different opinion, like Putin did with Alexei Navalny. NONPOL wants a British Constitution the gives every UK Citizen the right to freedom of speech, as in the US. Elon Musk said when he bought Twitter, ‘the point of freedom of speech is allowing those whose views you disagree with to express those views’. NONPOL believe that without Free Speech, the world will be managed by a global dictatorship, such as the WHO or WEF. We have a full campaign at NONPOL to protect the Freedom of Speech at