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Knife Crime (Video Transcript)

Knife Crime.

Over the last decade there has been over 425,000 knife related crimes in the UK. This is totally unacceptable and NONPOL would have a no tolerance policy on this. Too many young lives have been lost and too many families destroyed. We would make it illegal to carry a knife on the street. Pen knives, like a Swiss army knife or multi tools such as a Leatherman would be allowed. If someone buys a kitchen knife or other type of knife or blade, it must remain in its sealed container until the owner brings it home. If somebody carries a knife as part of their trade, it must be carried in a sealed container. Anyone found on the street with an open blade would instantly receive a 6-month tag, curfew from 8pm to 8am and a prison record. NONPOL would see a knife offence equivalent to what the US sees as a felony. A second offence would automatically result in a 5-year custodial sentence. As you will see from the NONPOL Prisons video, we would remove the concept of time off for good behaviour in all prisons.  Good behaviour should be the minimum standard in prison, not something to be rewarded. So, a 5 year sentence for carrying a knife would mean 5 years. Our knife law would also be used for the carrying of other tools that could be used for violence, such as crow bars, tire wrenches, iron bars, hammers or similar items, unless the person carrying them needed them for their trade, and the item is suitably stored and protected when carried and the person was on the way to or from work. NONPOL wants to take violence off the streets that is killing people.