Joe Biden Has Past His Sell By Date

POTUS is now the laughing stock of the world. The Democrat’s objective in the last election was to get Trump out at all costs – they obviously weren’t thinking ahead. With the election rigged, media turning a blind eye on Hunter Biden’s laptop, the Biden financial dealings, and the 4-year relentless campaign to impeach Trump they could have gotten a goat elected to office. With hindsight, a goat may have fared better.

 Mr. Biden is unravelling at the seams. Its amazing that the American people didn’t notice that, in the election, he could barely string a concept together without tripping up over his words. Did really think he would improve over time, as he ages? Not only will he not be re-elected, but there is also a high chance he won’t finish his first term. So where does that leave the US? With Vice President Kamala Harris, the giggling hyena?

Trump is waiting in the wings for this administration to be the worst in American history as it disintegrates. China are so enjoying this.