Welcome to NONPOL! We are a new political party, based in the UK, that believes modern politicians often play the game of politics rather than conduct politics for the benefit of the people. For example, political parties generally have hidden agendas and sponsors that can significantly influence their ability to do their job, which is to represent the best interests of the British people and not their own. We have no political views or influences, nor agendas and sponsors; our goal is to take the Politics out of politics, hence our name: NONPOL.

To be able to make a change and introduce our ideas to the public domain, we must abide by the rules of the Electoral Commission and register as a political party. Our application is currently with the Electoral Commission, and we will announce any decisions made via our website.

We believe the current state of the UK’s economic, social and constitutional issues are untenable and an inevitable result of Politics and the corruption that politicians unwittingly get cornered into. There have been, and still are, some great politicians out there in the world, but they are either handcuffed by the system or work for a party with little influence. It usually takes a considerable amount of money, influence and/or favours for a political party to be successful, a lot of which primarily comes from corporations, socialites, lobbyists, philanthropists, or captains of industry. In many cases, they will want their favours or investments rewarded, thereby compromising the actions of our politicians. As a party, we will not be influenced by any external entity and will ensure that our manifesto and ideas originate solely from our members using the think-tank approach. This means that we can be objective, use common sense and be honest, even when we make mistakes… and we will make mistakes because we are Human.

We will not be controlled by the media; any publication that prints anything incorrectly will be bought to task. Sound bites and doorstepping will also not be an option; if the media have genuine and relevant questions, we will happily provide a full and thought-out answer. The media should also realise that our members personal data and activities are protected under GDPR and we will not entertain any personal questions, only questions about the party’s goals and objectives. We applaud genuine journalism and abhor fake news and politically biased media. The internet has created a new wave of amazing critical thinkers, only for powerful social media bullies to de-platform them.

Another key belief of ours is ‘Human Common Sense’; this is the idea that a behaviour or action should be characterized as moral if said behavior or action is acceptable to the average, rational Human being. For example, any rational, fair-minded individual, regardless of cultural differences, can agree that rape and child abuse is completely unacceptable and unjustifiable, therefore they should be behavior that is considered as such by wider society. This principle should be applied to most of the current social issues we face today.

We also strongly believe in freedom of expression under the circumstances that it causes no harm to the individual or their access to equality of opportunity. Whilst we fully support equality of opportunity, we strongly oppose equality of outcome and the modern ‘Woke’ movement.

Overall, NONPOL’s main objective is to ultimately ‘Fix Britain’; a difficult and, some might say, impossible task. We know this approach could take many years and a very large budget, but we have confidence that our manifesto, besides coming across as radical, can achieve this while also generating the budget we would need.

We are currently looking for critical thinkers and like-minded individuals to join us and stand as candidates in the next General Election. If you would like to know how you can do so, check out our website